If you were a....

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, May 5, 2013.

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  1. If you were a ___, What would your name be? (Give a name for each below..)

    Super Hero :
    Villain :
    Pro Athlete :
    Actor/Actress :
    Singer/Musician :
  2. Super Hero : Kevin Lockard
    Villain : Chester The Molester
    Pro Athlete : Kevin Lockard
    Actor/Actress : Kevin Lockard
    Singer/Musician : Kevin Lockard
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  3. Forgot to do mine!... lol

    Super Hero : Terrawoman
    Villain : Tigress
    Pro Athlete : Britanimania
    Actor/Actress : Britanica Lee Marie
    Singer/Musician :ii3
  4. If I were a brother, I'd be a Hulk Hogan, bro.
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    Super Hero : Jonathan the Great
    Villain : Jonathan
    Pro Athlete : Jonathan

    Unique, I know.
  6. Super Hero : Super Cena
    Villain : Cock Block
    Pro Athlete : Pinkie Pie
    Actor/Actress : Sheik Yerbouti
    Singer/Musician : Artist Unkown (so that it'll confuse people on their playlists)
  7. Super Hero : Mr. D., Saving the world one c*nt at a time.
    Villain : Deth, the unholy tentacled beast
    Pro Athlete : Samuel Ramirez (I'd play baseball, hence the Spanish name :tyson: )
    Singer/Musician : Lil' Tit
  8. Super Hero: Mustafar Reginald
    Villain: Kohmata Reizno
    Pro Athlete: Bitty Bangzoom
    Actor/Actress: Mustafar Reginald
    Singer/Musician: Arpeggio
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