If you were given my user account here...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. For 10 minutes and could only do ONE thing, what would it be?

    Note; It can be anything: kill the site, ban Randy, remove all of Jonathan's rep, install a cool plugin, change something on the site - anything at all.
  2. Perma ban your IP address
  3. Install a realtime chatbox, add tabs, make a forum for everything, pretty much anything that will hurt your OCD.
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  4. But then we couldn't organise Fifa :emoji_slight_frown:

    Love you too Leo. -.-
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  5. I'd probably ban Jonathan for a minute just to see his reaction and to abuse my power.

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  6. We could still Skype. The amount of e rep I would get for blocking you from your own site would be immense doe
  7. Change typing the Miz into the fuckface
  8. Change the banner into this:

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  9. Would be rather anticlimactic when I simply unban myself though, you'd look a wee bit foolish. I'd so block you on Skype and delete your cell phone number and stop sending you little chocolate treats if you did that to me.
  10. I never knew you were black :booker:
  11. Whoa there bro. I said PERMA ban. That shit is like herpes. You would have to A.) Make a new account and B.) Use proxy sites



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  12. Lmao

    Would still be able to unban easily :emoji_slight_frown:.
  13. Make the site play the Russian national anthem.
  14. Lmao God dammit is no one going to post serious ones :emoji_slight_frown:
  15. You don't believe I'd do what I said? :dawg:
  16. I´d change your password :emoji_grin: and email address
  17. I'd ask Xanth to change them back :pity1:
  18. I wouldnt want access to ur username on the site...., now if it was access to the hosting account and/or domain account... well, that´d be different :pity:


    but almost forgot, i´d ban gohan :yes:
  19. Change @Stopspot to SwedishChef and lock it down.
  20. I think I'd perma change Randy savages name to Lanny Poffos retarded brother!

    With his tag line being.
    I'm Lannys biznatch!!
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