If you were in charge of Heyman's guys?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 26, 2013.

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  1. Who would you have him manage? It's clear they like him manging multiple personalities, and Brock is always going to be one of them. So aside from Brock, you have two other choices. Who would you have picked?

    The reason I make this thread is I feel both of these guys are wrong for this. Axel has lost his microphone intensity that made me a fan of him in the first place, and now just seems like a generic boring wrestler. Ryback just gets mocked and his segments are never taken seriously, and Heyman already has a big strong guy as protection in Brock.

    If it were me, I'd have gone for Kassius as he can portray a variety of characters well with very good mic work and great ring skill. I feel like if you're with Heyman, you need to bring personality to the table as well (unless you're an anomaly like Brock). My second choice would probably be Sami Calihan.
  2. Ohno doesn't need any help on the mic so I don't think he's a good choice. They dropped the ball placing Cesaro with Zeb instead of Heyman IMO. A good storyline would be to have Heyman turn on Axel using Cesaro, who'd pick up the IC strap and lead to a feud where they can both go over.
  3. Cesaro, for sure. The guy can't talk so would've been ideal. When he leaves the real americans he must get a world title push.
  4. I'm with Perfect on the no to Ohno. Ohno doesn't really need it. And working with Heyman would mean working as a heel, which isn't Ohno's strong suit when compared to his face work.

    I kind of like the idea of Heyman managing a near menagerie of wrestlers, different styles and such, but with a bit of an arch type (Big and powerful ala Ryback and Brock). Maybe Alexander Rusev from NXT could work if it weren't for him working so well with Lefort. I'd love to see Heyman manage a tag team of some sort as well.

    Obviously Cesaro would have been a nice fit but I enjoy where he is right now, paying his dues in the tag division and actually being over as part of the Americans.
  5. Not sure why it's necessary for someone like Heyman to accompany a bad mic worker. I understand it can help them, but I think the relationship between Punk & Heyman - which was just fantastic TV - is proof that having two fantastic mic workers together like that is a guaranteed good segment. Why not have a setup where Ohno is accompanied by someone who DOES need the help from Heyman?
  6. I just feel that Ohno has all the tools (except self restraint at buffets) to get over on his own and not have the stigma of being a "Paul Heyman guy". Punk was over well before joining Heyman and Lesnar's peak was after leaving Heyman and we all know Ohno >>>>>>>>>>> Brock on the mic. I think he needs to come in on his own and let his talent carry him. I don't think you're much of an RoH fan, but the guy has been gold for years, especially with his crowd interaction.
  7. I'd like him to manage Cesaro. I'm patient, I know it's only a matter of time before Cesaro is main eventing. It takes 3-5 years for most talents to be molded into that spot. Some people sooner, some later, but you can usually count on that window.

    Dutch is awesome, and if it were just Dutch managing Cesaro that would be fine. Jack Swagger is an endless abyss of SUCK though, and Cesaro is carrying that bag of crap.
  8. To go a little off topic here, it's obvious no one cares about Swagger. The sad part is he's a huge guy who does have incredible agility and above average in ring skills. They just need to go old fashioned and put him under a hood with a mouthpiece. Have him be some foreign monster and bring back a Mr.Fuji-esque manager to speak for him.

  9. Ugh, that sounds even worse. I don't see anything about him that's not average or less than average. I get he's this big NCAA amateur champ and that Brisco and JR scouted him from OU. Boomer Sooners and all that horse shit. But when it comes to THIS BUSINESS :bury:, he does nothing for me. He's just going through the paces. I think I enjoyed one match he had in ECW with Finlay, but I think it was mostly due to Finlay stiffing the shit out of him the entire time.
  10. Jackson needs to check out Swagger's NXT match with Zayn from a few weeks back. That was a great match.
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  11. I watch NXT. I saw it. It was serviceable. It was the drizzly shits compared to Zayn and Cesaro's 2/3 Falls deal.
  12. Have to disagree with you. He's boring as fuck as a character but can go in the ring.
  13. That's cool. I know some people like him. I just don't see it. He has the mechanics down, but there's not one thing about his matches that draw me into them. I feel like he's an athletic guy who can go through the paces.
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  14. Swagger's at the perfect spot on the card right now. As part of a tag team where he can show off his athleticism and let someone else do the talking for him.
  15. I think that has a lot to do with the character though. I think we can all say that SCSA's matches (except Hart/SCSA) were pretty bad as far as technical matches go, but his character is what made everyone care. Put him as a character that doesn't speak and whose face we can't see and your mind would change, I'm sure of it.

  16. Nah, I don't think we can agree on that. Stone Cold could fuckin' go. You completely lost me.
  17. Stunning Steve Austin was amazing in the ring. Stone Cold, not so much.
  18. This. The broken neck screwed Austin's ring work to hell. Austin matches weren't great from a technical stand point, but from a storytelling stand point.
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  19. A mid carder and a nxt wrestler i would give him and maybe a woman too. I can't decide who though.
  20. I'd give him Cesaro and Paige. Cesaro is an excellent in ring worker, with good mic skills and as a heel would only benefit from being involved with Heyman and can bring a strength factor in being pound for pound the strongest man in WWE (Said all the time by people on the show/in interviews). I'd also really like to see a Diva's manager, since it would bring a change of pace to the division and could lead to a potential monopoly of titles. (I.E Diva's champ, Mid card champ and Main event Champ)
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