If you were the new GM for Raw 1000

Discussion in 'RAW' started by shrayan, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. If you were given the opportunity to run Raw 1000 how would you unfold all events and what would you set as main event(s)? Also discuss what new feuds would you begin on that historic night. Discuss all this and even more in this thread


    c'mmon start the discussion guys

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  3. My first action as GM of Raw would be to appoint Ric Flair as GM of Raw. :jericho:
  4. Debut Ambrose and put him in a feud with foley and a stable with HHH and ric flair as the new evolution
  5. Have Foley cut a segment on how he and the legends are proud to be on RAW and that he's happy he's appreciated for the hard work he put in. Have Ambrose interrupt and tell him he ruined a generation with his antics and that he isn't a good example, but a bad one, and that he should never be on RAW again. Have Foley respond and say kid you're a no one, you're not on my level to even accuse me of anything. Then Ambrose can come out week in week out challenging him for a match, doing disturbing things to get that match and then he finally does he outclasses Foley and becomes the new hardcore legend. FAPPY DAPPY QUACK QUACK.
  6. This sounds good to me.
  7. So you could'nt get any better than this.............although i like crayo's idea he really understands what promotion inwwe is all about
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