If you were to aspire to become a pro wrestler in the future, would you prefer to wrestler under...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, Apr 7, 2017.

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  1. WWE

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  2. NJPW

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    WWE or NJPW?

    As nice as it looks to work for the WWE as a pro wrestler under their contract, it doesn't sound like it's really all sunshine and rainbows considering the amount of backstage bullying that goes on in the WWE, along with a very rigorous work schedule for WWE wrestlers, traveling all over the world, on the road nonstop. Not only that, a guy like myself who stands as tall as 5'9-5'10, weighing just slightly under 200lbs, would fall under being, as Kevin Nash calls it, a "Vanilla Midget"(even though we've had successful small wrestlers in the WWE before, like Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio).

    If I were to aspire to get into pro wrestling(not saying that I actually plan on it), I'd rather go for NJPW since they actually treat pro wrestling as a sport, rather than strictly just "sports entertainment", their schedules are far less rigourous(therefore, producing more quality wrestling matches), you very rarely ever hear negative backstage stories in NJPW(involving with wrestlers hazing or bullying rookies or other wrestlers just to be d*cks or feel threatened by the younger rookie's potential talent, etc.) and they make a far better use of their Cruiserweight talents(or just smaller wrestlers in general) than the WWE has ever had.
  2. WWE. They probably pay alot more and it's more exposure
  3. Same, for the same reasons.
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  4. Why not both? Make a name for yourself and then jump to WWE
  5. That sounds very logical. Despite the several backstage bullying stories in the WWE, I guess as long as your the type of wrestler who's a no-nonsense stand-up guy that can legitimately fight/handle his own and won't take any crap from backstage bullies, then WWE is the way to go for a pro wrestling career, as long as you aren't poorly booked.
  6. I said other because you have to start somewhere. The majority of talent on the roster right now would probably tick that box and my local promotion ICW has seen a lot of guys who have been booked for them end up at WWE so making a good name for yourself on the indy scene is the way to go. 10 years ago i would have ticked WWE but with NXT the brand it now is, I would go down the route that Drew Galloway/McIntyre did when he was released, get booked by as many companies as possible and prove how good you are.
  7. WWE...Charlotte "works" there...lol
  8. I would have to be a DDP type wrestler (turning 39 in july).

    Either way I would prefer to be a manager. 6' 105 kg I suppose I could bulk up around 115-120kg but yeah I know I could not do it and would not bother pretending to.
  9. NJPW, easier schedule, better utilization of talent and they value stuff like loyalty and I think I'd enjoy living in Japan actually. More than I would enjoy living in the states I'm pretty sure.
  10. lol the people here who like NJPW wouldn't work there and they know it, same as I wouldn't be able to WWE. I chose other, with my personality i'd to best on a sideshow like TNA.
  11. NJPW. Simply because the other 2 don't work lol. WWE is toxic af and that environment is really bad with bullying and the higher ups being stuck in their way etc and the schedule is heavy. As for the indies, I'd rather not as it can be worse working indies with all the egos and politics on the road, etc. NJPW seems chill :brock5:
  12. I'd go to the indies and make a name for myself there. Reason to this is because if I went straight to WWE, talented or not, there could be a chance I'd become a jobber with no TV time. Where as if I make a name for myself in the indies and become a hot free agent when my contract expires. WWE would pick me up and give me the TV time because of my popularity all over the indies.
  13. WWE. Outside of the very, obvious and hugely important reason of money, there's no denying that it's what I grew up watching and it's simply put, the wrestling promotion I have the most connection to. Would I probably end up crashing under the insane schedule? Very possible, I don't particularly mind being away from my loved ones for so long but I don't really like the method of transportation required to get from location to location. My ideal goal would be to become successful enough that I could transition into a TV-only type of contract or a few months out of the year schedule which admittedly, is probably to hard of a goal achieve. Regardless, if I was going to commit to this pursuit, I'd aim for at least one WrestleMania match, and that's only possible with WWE.