If you were WWE booker and Vince told Brock L. need to win the WWE or World Title how would u book?

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    If you were WWE booker and Vince told u Brock Lesnar need to win the WWE or World Title how would u book? With the Limited Show come on with his contract? Which Title would have him win? And How would you build it? I know I said what I think WWE should but let heard ideas.

  2. I would book it selfishly. I would start by having Ryback beating and injuring Cena at Payback. Following that I'd have DB feud with Ryback culminating in DB capturing the title at SummerSlam. Have Lesnar come in and state that DB is too small and weak to be Champion and he should be the top dog. Have Lesnar beat DB at Survivor Series and hold the belt until WM, where a returning Cena gets his strap back once again, cause it has to be that way.
  3. I'd let Ryback become the Champ..And then,at Hell in a Cell a classic Cell match with these 2 Monsters for the WWE Champoinship..That would be great..

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  5. i should have said so he can be champion going into summerslam. :sad:
  6. Brock would have been a great way to help get Ryback over as a baby face but that time has passed. Having two heels go at it is a terrible idea.

    As for how I'd go about it, I'd not even have it take place this year. Brock Lesnar is signed until Wrestlemania 31 and I think him winning one of the championships (the WWE Title since everyone knows it's higher on the totem pole than the WHC) and then dropping it in the headline match of WM31 as his exit from the company would be perfect and ideal. Maybe part of the angle could be that whoever he's facing (not Cena, hopefully) says he's fed up with Brock Lesnar over the past few years, coming and going within WWE as he pleases, hurting and destroying whoever he wants and whatever he wants, etc. He challenges Lesnar to put his career on the line along with the title. Heyman agrees to put in a clause in his contract that if he loses the championship at Wrestlemania 31, Brock will walk out of the company and never be seen again. And it's exactly what happens.

    Assuming Brock doesn't sign another extension of his contract, what better excuse for Lesnar to leave with in kayfabe terms?

  7. yes but what if u were the writer and vince told u it have to be now! he has to go in as champion this year at summerslam how would u build it? u made not like it but it ur job so u have to make it work. how would u have him be world or wwe champion and who would have defend against at summerslam?
  8. I let Vince know he should have informed me of that idea earlier since there's no time to give him the strap before now and Summerslam. MITB is the only PPV between Payback and then and that's not really the kind of PPV to do a huge title switch to Lesnar. Doing it on Raw is obviously out of the equation. Having him defeat John Cena AT Summerslam wouldn't be bad. Cena overcomes the monster Ryback but another monster in the form of Lesnar returns and takes the title from him. What other big main event at Summerslam for the belt does it look like there's going to be anyway?
  9. Idk but a Bryan/Lesnar title match would definitely be going down, with Bryan going over obvz.

    inb4Lockard :pity1:
  10. Have Undertaker somehow win the WWE championship, have Brock beat him for it in a buried alive match. I don't like Brock very much so that was tough.

  11. dude u have to thing this is u job now u have to make it work. that what paid u for dude. so if u have to have win what do u do?
  12. Yeah and Goldberg Vs Lesnar was match of the decade
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    Fuck this build to Summerslam bs, I'm assuming you only want it so you get Punk vs Brock so I'll use that as my template.

    Punk returns at Payback - Goes over Jericho - Heyman interferes on Punk's behalf when his back is turned.
    Axel goes over H

    Punk goes over Jericho again in a rematch - This time he see's Paul interfering and they have a dispute about it, Punk says he's the best and he doesn't need outside help.

    Axel looks strong but doesn't win the Raw MITB.


    The mainevent is Bork vs Punk vs Cena for the strap, the dissension between Paul and Punk is built over the weeks prior they're still together but very distant. Heyman brings in Brock as insurance to ensure one of his clients walks out with the title. No idea how Punk get's in the match but we'll think of something magical full of pixie dust and cheeseballs.

    Punk goes over and recaptures the title after Heyman botches a chairshot aimed for Punk but hitting Brock leading into a GTS to Brock, Punk either wins there or pins Cena later. Brock goes away for a while, no idea / care why blame the cattle market.

    Axel vs Someone here, fuck knows / cares who.


    Cena get's his rematch he's attacked by Axel in the backstage area as Paul wants his client to claim the title for Team Heyman, Cena goes out there but his injuries get the best of him leading to Punk winning.


    Axel vs Cena vs Punk - Punk pins Cena.

    HIAC - Punk vs Axel sell the match as playing up Paul's attempted past interference and Punk's disdain at his actions.

    Gap to RR I'm too lazy to book.

    RR - Brock comes back and wins the strap. Punk chases him to WM, it fits Brock's limited dates, gives them peak mania coverage and could cement a new star in Punk.
  14. It's an unrealistic request but OK. The only reasonable time for it to happen would be Money In The Bank since it's the only PPV before Summerslam. The logic would be as follows:

    -Have Ryback or Cena say to the other that after Payback, this thing between the two of them is over. After all, how further can you take a feud after a Three Stages Of Hell match? You can't get a better sense of finality than that.

    -Cena retains, and the next night, he gives a promo at the end of the show while holding up the WWE Title that he and the WWE Universe can overcome any obstacle or opponent that is put in front of them, and now Ryback knows this just like all the others. Out comes Paul Heyman, who says that if Cena is really looking for a new challenge, look no further because he has the perfect challenge for him. Cena laughs, saying that Curtis Axel has gotten two count out victories over him due to interference from Ryback and so now he must think he deserves a title shot? But Heyman says no. He states Curtis Axel will be WWE Champion one day but the man he is talking about is Brock Lesnar. He says that since Lesnar has run through the COO of the company twice (the second time being inside a steel cage), he thinks he should be next in line for a title shot. Cena says that if Lesnar wants a shot, he'll have to tell him himself face to face next week on Raw. Cena then says he has another message he wants sent to Brock, and preceeds to lift up Heyman into the AA and then drop him.

    -Lesnar shows up the next week and from here on, it's pretty standard build. I could come up with stuff for the next three Raws but I can't be arsed when the general set up for the title match is pretty much already laid out. Cena accepts, Heyman says that Lesnar as WWE Champion is "money in the bank" (to tie the PPV name into the feud), Cena admits that he was intimidated by Lesnar over a year ago when they first squared off but that's because the loss to The Rock had him down. Since then, he's defeated The Rock, regained the WWE Title, survived a brand new monster like Ryback and so he's not so intimidated this time.

    -Lesnar wins the title at MITB on July 14th, 2013. From there on, do whatever.
  15. Would I want too No but would I yes.

    Payback, Ryback beats Cena for Title (only as I hate Cena and it would be more interesting seeing him with out the title.)
    Ziggler would beat Del Rio clean for the WHC, at the end of the match Big E and Ziggler Destroy Del Rio leaving him in the middle of the ring

    Earlier that night In the WHC MITB match only those who had not Won the Title before would be in it
    Barret, Rhodes, Sandow, Kofi, Axel and R-Truth, Kofi Wins

    Next night on Raw Ziggler would have a "I'm the greatest" Brocks Music hits and he destroys Big E while Ziggler runs away
    On Smack down Big E cuts a promo saying that Brock got the jump on him goes out and beats say Barret or Rhodes.
    Raw: Brock and Big E has a match street fight to see if Lesner can earn a title shot, Lesner wins again and gloats over Ziggler.
    Next PPV Brock beats down Ziggler for the title In a hell of a match (not a hell in the cell but a really brutal one) Big E looking to get back at Brock for the beat down over the last couple of weeks leave Brock laying in the middle of the ring "injurying" him. Kofi's music hit he goes to Cash in at first Big E goes to take him out too but Ziggler stops him as "Kofi would be easier for him to beat for the title later" So Kofi wins the title has a run to SS where Ziggler takes it back.

  16. much see wade winning it. and koif he out for 3 month with a shourter injury.
  17. Yeah I know he's out but still it's what I would like to see. Just someone who hasn't had the title, a chance for him to take the ball and run with it get his 15 minutes of fame. But Barett would be a good choice to pull it off him and Zigs would have some decent matches if not great one.
  18. Have Daniel Bryan beat Cena at MITB, Brock wins MITB and cashes in the same night, Dean Ambrose wins it at SS.

  19. Bryan winning the Mitb would be cool but it would be too much too soon for Ambrose at SS. I still think the titles the shield has now is too soon, there are guys that have been working their asses off for years in that company to get a shot. Jobbing to Cena and everyone else for most of their careers and they should have gotten the chance to shine before them.
  20. I want Brock to win MITB because no one would expect it :emoji_slight_smile:

    Dean Ambrose was ready for the WWE Championship when he was in C-Z-f'n-W bro!!