If You Woke Up...

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  1. ...and you were suddenly the opposite gender, what would be the first thing you do? Most of you have probably heard and/or been asked this question a lot, so let's get more in depth, shall we?

    The people around you know you for this gender you were switched to, so nothing seems strange to them. Would you tell anyone? Would you try and do whatever it takes to change back (i.e. surgery)? Your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife also are gender switched.
  2. Of course I'd freak out, wait until I was calm and tell my best friend IRL. (I'd be too freaked out to fap, for those who'd most likely call me out on that.) Assuming she believes me, I'd probably tell my girlfriend next. When I find out there's no possible way to simply switch back to the way I was, THEN I'd probably fap. Maybe do a little meatspin first to get use to the change. Probably bone my girlfriend to death after, assuming she doesn't think I'm crazy. (If she does, I'd probably try and nail some slut I use to kinda know through my friends.) I wouldn't bother with surgery and just embrace the testosterone. I know it's probably really strange, but I don't think I'd change much, honestly.
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  3. Hmmmm..... First, I'd probably freak the hell out, I'd probably walk around for a while thinking about what to do, Then i'd fap :ksi:, ahahaha, Then i'd probably just embrace being a girl, and make it last while it lasts.
  4. There really isn't anything you could do. I'd accept it and proceed to bone my boyfriend hard.
  5. Well, I offered the option of surgery trying to change back the way. :hmm:
  6. Hmmm...
  7. I'd probably just do normal life. It would be a great change, but I'd be happy because I'd understand better the opposite gender, but Rhodes would change too because we're the same person :haha:
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  8. I would tell Gohan I'm a girl since he Ownly likes women
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  9. We would just fap. Until our vagina falls apart
  10. *He ownly like WOMAN

  11. But your girlfriend turns too...
  12. Take naked self pics and send them to my male email.
  13. A four way fap :ksi:
  14. What girlfriend... :okay:
  15. Zero :lol1:
  16. I think he implied Gohan is your bf and if you changed, so would he, so he'd be a chick :dawg:
  17. I wouldn't do it. I'd rather have no dick than a fake one.
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  18. Same. I think that's just so weird. Imagine all the things they'd have to do to my dick to try and make it a vag again :upset: And even then it wouldn't work the same.
  19. Adam is my bf and he doesn't have a specific gender.

  20. :willis: Things are meant to be private!
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