If Your Life Was a Movie...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Nov 22, 2013.

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  1. What kinda person would you be portrayed as and what actor would star in the movie as you?
  2. michael cera as michael cera in michael cera strikes back
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  3. Hans Moleman/George Costanza/Jason Alexander

    :george: :george: :george: :george: :george:
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  4. Johnny Deep as a bald man
  5. Jack Sparrow
  6. Zach Braff
  7. Bitch, I would portray my self. Just so I can relive my awesome life.
  8. I'm not too fixated on how I'd be portrayed,as long as Leonardo DiCaprio plays me I'll be good.
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  9. I think Johnny Depp would play me well. Obviously won't be as attractive.
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  10. Oh what actor you want to play you?

    Well it can be Morgan Freeman for me. We're both fucking awesome, badass, good looking and we both love.....titty sprinkles.
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  11. Zach Gafilinakis - like the hangover but minus the friends and more internet times.
  12. Seth Rogen. Definitely.
  13. Me as Me in "The Comedy Stylings of FrieMasterFlex". It's going sraight to DVD!
  14. A far as personality goes, the best person to play me would be Kevin James. He'd have to work out to get the part though.
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  15. If you'd like to relive the absurd things that happen in Rain's little world, then Andy Samberg would be quite a fit.
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  16. Danny devito
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  17. Batman, definitely Batman.
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  18. vinny jones coz we're both hard as fuck!
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