If your life was a video game...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Jan 4, 2016.

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  1. If your life was a video game...
    What would be the hardest level to beat?
    What would be the final boss?
  2. The hardest level would be the one where you have to get out of bed.
    The final boss would be anxiety.
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  3. The Jameson bottle boss would be hardest, and the Final Boss would be marriage or death.
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  4. Candy Crush
  5. lmao marriage or death? You had your heart broken I think.
  6. For me it would be picking a career for the hardest level...
    And the boss, well, anxiety and panic attacks. That seems to be a recurring boss that only gets strong though :sad1:
  7. You don't turn into me without it happening in a few rough situations at the beginning. I'm not disappointed with my success, however.
  8. Touche I spose. You may change your mind later in life. People tend to change every 7-10 years as regards to feelings and opinions.
  9. quote the study? Or cool opinion.
  10. The first one was opinion based, the second was a study
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  11. Hardest level - Trying to stay sober
    Final Boss - Jesus ofc
  12. Death would be the final boss and clearly the hardest to beat too, considering it'll come for everybody one day and no one's been able to stop it yet.
  13. Yes. What Lock said. ^
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