If you're a disgruntled WWE fan but don't watch TNA.... Why?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Serious question as I never understood why people complain about the current WWE direction but won't see the alternative as a viable option either.
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  2. Because from what I see people talk shit about TNA saying Hogan ruined it, had Russo, etc. so I see some won't watch it because of that rumors. As for people here I do not understand either.
  3. Because people are lazy boneheads.
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  4. TNA is a good product, but I'm never inclined to watch the show. When I'm watching it I feel like I'm watching something that's second rate. Then there's the fact that I'd be watching wrestling 3-4 times a week. I watch the show here & there, but it never makes me go "oh i need to watch it next week". I've been watching WWE for years, so it's not like I'm just gonna up and go to a new program. It's like asking someone to eat healthy food when they're used to McDonalds.
  5. I think it all comes down to people being afraid to leave their comfort zone, also some laziness since why should they make an effort to search for new product when they know when WWE airs and how much product they have?
  6. It's kind of the stigma WCW had in the early 90s. WWE dominated the 80s in the mainstream. WCW didn't gain any real steam until the Hogan signing in 94. That made WWE fans pay attention and was the precursor to the Monday night wars. Imagine right now if Cena or Punk jump ship to TNA. They would immediately gain a huge spike in ratings, and expose millions to their product, who otherwise wouldn't have tuned in. In conclusion, TNA will not gain many peripheral fans unless they can coerce a huge name from WWE to switch sides.
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  8. Cause they automatically assume it sucks, which is stupid cause they never watched the product...
    Or they're in it for the entertainment rather than wrestling.
  9. Anyway, on topic. I really don't get this either, it's even sillier when they bash TNA without even watching the product. TNA is much more entertaining a lot of the time, and even their weaker shows are more interesting than a lot of the crap that happens on Raw.
    I guess people just don't want to give it a chance and stick with the bigger (and shittier) product.

    Just human nature I guess, people buy whatever is popular instead of whatever is quality.
  10. Oh goodness. :harvey:
  11. I personally watch. For some time I didn't though, probably because I personally lack iniciative to do new stuff.
  12. Stereotypes. It used to be cool (and still is sort of) to hate on TNA in the IWC, it's pathetic. But more and more people are switching over due to the lacklustre WWE product.
  13. It's not just TNA to me though why not watch other stuff. If WWE really sucks why sit there and have that as your only fix of "wrestling." Why not go to somewhere like Ring of Honor, I haven't seen the IWC make fun of it or insult it, or many others. Even CZW has more hardcore wrestling that I hear a good amount of people want, so why not go there as well?
  14. Most people are attracted to the WWE because of the shock-factor storylines. RoH doesn't give you that. Your best alternative to WWE if you're a WWE fan is definitely TNA, in my opinion.
  15. Re: RE: If you're a disgruntled WWE fan but don't watch TNA.... Why?

    It gives you it more as you don't have Dirt sheets covering every step, not ROH but take Super Dragons return to PWG I knew nothing of that until I saw it. Steen hacking ROHs website was something I had no clue was happening till it did either.
  16. :hmm: Still think a good amount of people might like some indie stuff if they gave them a chance.
  17. Re: RE: If you're a disgruntled WWE fan but don't watch TNA.... Why?

    They will once you get used to the culture shift, the best thing to do if you know someone who is trying to get used to it is edge them into the guys they know such as Punk and link it off from that.
  18. Besides the year or so period of me banning TNA from my visions after how badly they pissed me off with the Jeff Hardy/Victory Road incident, I've given TNA plenty of chances when WWE turns me down. Half the time it goes well and I continued watching it until WWE got their act together and TNA had nothing I was particularly invested in watching. The other half of the time, like the last time I gave it a try, I had to suffer through the terrible Claire Lynch angle (I did not last long).

    That said, what about now where if you recall any of my posts in the WWE section it's clear to tell I'm not happy with their current product? Truth be told, wrestling just isn't that high on my interests anymore. I'm no longer at the point where if WWE isn't satisfying my wrestling needs, I'll just check TNA out to get my fix, or even watch old matches that happened while I wasn't watching to get my fix. I'm at the point where I don't need a fix, nor care if I get one and would rather focus my free time on video games or anime. I hate saying this considering how obsessed I was with WWE at one point, but that's where I am. If it wasn't for the fact that I was on wrestling forums, I probably wouldn't keep up with it at all, let alone watch the rare segment on Raw every few weeks.
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  19. I watch TNA when I can and always enjoy the product. There is good and bad in both companies imo. Wanna watch ROH as well but its expensive on dvd an i have a thing bout owning stuff on disc.
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