IGN Interview with Daniel Bryan before OTL

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  1. IGN's Matt Fowler interviewed Daniel Bryan before Over The Limit this past Sunday. Talking about his vegan lifestyle, the yes chants and of course the pay per view itself.

    LOL @ Vince :dawg:

    Among other things Bryan talks about is the origin of the yes chants and how he feels about other Wrestlers like Sheamus trying to steal them.
    Full interview here
  2. Further proof that Vince has lost the fucking plot.
  3. "It only bothers me when people start it up on purpose. For example, leading into the Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View, Sheamus would do promos and chant “YES!” And that’s taking something that I created and trying to use it to get yourself cheered, or get in good with the fans. And I feel like that waters it down. Because the last thing you want something to do when it’s hot is to get watered down."

    I got irritated by that myself at the time, I didn't expect him to be this honest but he's totally right.
  4. Bryan is a real down to earth person, I wish him all the success in the world.
  5. I also get pissed when people start stealing the "Yes!" chants. It's going to get watered down if it happens too much, Bryan's right if he's worried. And Vince... I think he shouldn't complain about a guy's eating habits when we're talking about business. :haha:
  6. Read the entire interview Kia. It states that Jericho (who has a lot of pull) talked with Vince about pushing Bryan from the very start after his first match in WWE vs Jericho. Vince denied it since he thought it weird that Bryan doesn't eat meat. "Who doesn't eat stake!?"
  7. LOL I'm sorry. I was doing a Steve Austin joke there.
  8. :austin: ^^
  9. WHAT :what: