IGN interviews AJ Lee

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  2. I think AJ (April Jeanette) is really appreciative and humble. She appears to take what she's given by the WWE and make the most of what she's given. I've been keeping up with the diary videos she's been having on YouTube showing her life growing up and it's nice to see that she's come from such a background and has been so successful despite her hardships. Personally I think she's very inspirational and I'm happy for her.
  3. Yeah, besides the fact that her current character/role is pretty bad, AJ loves the business and can do good stuff.
  4. See in the last paragraph AJ basically says " I like being the chick on the sidelines" She either doesn't want to wrestle, or can't.
  5. If she makes the same amount of money and doesn't go home with bumps and bruises or worse, can you blame her? More power to her if she can get away with it.
  6. Nice interview. She does come off as humble with these, which sort of blows the crap said about her sometimes out of the water. I'm the first to admit that I originally liked her semi-push on RAW, but as soon as she began to have too many segments I was yelling at WWE to get rid of her on my screen. The role she's playing now though is perfect, because she is genuinely good at playing her character, and it's a character that works quite well in professional wrestling. I think the GM spot where she was in every other segment was definite overkill. I'm hoping she leaves Dolph though soon, because he doesn't need a manager or someone doing his talking or someone taking his spotlight; he's already a ready made main eventer waiting to make the jump.
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