Weekly Ignition - Week 15 - Match Card

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The Artiste
LIVE FROM: Toyota Center in Houston, Texas

Tony Eckert: Hello everyone and welcome... to Saturday Night Ignition! We are just removed of what could be the most eventful pay-per-view yet, and things aren't slowing down yet!
Reese MaCleod: But first, let's introduce our temporary replacement for Bryce this week...
Emerson Zayne: No, I don't think that is very necessary. We should just keep our focus on hope inspiring events to come tonight.
Reese MaCleod: Uh, okay then...

#1 Contender's Tournament Round One
One on One - Normal Match

Vanessa York (@Hybrid) vs. Wendi (@SupaHeeroh)

Tony Eckert: Alright well this week, we will see the first match of a #1 Contenders Tournament for the SPARK World Championship!
Emerson Zayne: Everyone should send out a big thanks to Co-General Manager, Alex Pierse, as well as Assistant General Manager, Marie Quinn! Those two are so amazingly in touch with what the people want!
Tony Eckert: Okay then....back to the match at hand. I have to say, I am looking forward to this highly anticipated match-up!
Reese MaCleod: I'd have to agree. Though the match ended up not going through, it was still unfair that Wendi was left out of the mix following her victory over Christina Morgan a week prior.
Tony Eckert: Well tonight she gets the chance to prove to everyone that she deserved to be in that match, as she will be facing the former SPARK World Championship, Vanessa York, in her qualifying match.
Emerson Zayne: Those two women are so crazy talented and inspiring! I don't know who to pull for in this one!
Tony Eckert: Okay then...


Christina Morgan

Tony Eckert: Let's move our attention over to what else is to come here tonight!
Reese MaCleod: Oh, this is going to be an interesting one.
Tony Eckert: That's right, because tonight Christina Morgan will be given the opportunity to speak out about the events of Viewer's Choice, as well as her qualifying match next week with former friend, Lilith Young!
Emerson Zayne: Oh, those two always put on such entrancing matches!
Tony Eckert: I think that is something that most will agree with you on-

Grudge Match
One on One - Normal Match

Minho(@SupaHeeroh) vs. Lord @Fireshock

Tony Eckert: -but let's change our focus over to Christina's former instructor.
Emerson Zayne: Oh, well this one should be interesting. I can't wait to see Minho help to crush the despair that Lord Fireshock now elludes!
Reese MaCleod: I'll say! After the events of last week, this has to of been in everyone's mind! Hell, this match-up is pay-per-view worthy!
Tony Eckert: Agreed! This grudge match could be one of the most highly anticipated matches on tonight's card!
Emerson Zayne: All the matches tonight are highly anticipated! After all, I'm not on the card!
Reese MaCleod: Uh-

One on One - Normal Match

@Hunter Ray vs. William McCoy (@Finniis)

Emerson Zayne: Just like this one! The skillful William McCoy will be going up against the debuting Hunter Ray!
Tony Eckert: Following the impressive showing by McCoy at Viewer's Choice alongside you, Emerson, I have to say that Hunter Ray has his work cut out for him in his debut here tonight.
Reese MaCleod: Not only that, but McCoy has a lot to lose here should he lose to the newcomer here tonight. After what happened at Viewer's Choice, should McCoy lose to Hunter Ray, that could considerably drop his credibility as a potential challenger for either championship in the near future.

Viewer's Choice Rematch - World Heavyweight Championship Match
One on One - No Holds Barred

Tyson Storm (@Frosty) vs. World Heavyweight Champion, Luis Alvarado (@Hybrid)

Tony Eckert: Speaking of championships, tonight we have a Viewer's Choice Rematch, courtesy of Co-General Manager, Alex Pierse! At the pay-per-view, this match was turned to utter chaos, but with some help from The Syndicate's other victims, Luis was able to keep the World Championship in his clutches!
Reese MaCleod: I can't help but feel like Alex had an ulterior motive behind giving Tyson a rematch here tonight. I mean, if he really believed that the chaos that occurred meant that Tyson deserved another opportunity, then why did he leave the stipulation as No Holds Barred?
Tony Eckert: Alex is a strange sort, so I would be surprised if he had another reason for giving Tyson this rematch here tonight. Heck, maybe he just enjoyed the chaos so much that he wanted to see if it would happen again.
Emerson Zayne: I wouldn't question our great Co-General Manager's motives. Everything he does is to better our performance. He's nearly as inspiring as Luis and Minho!
Tony Eckert: Yeah, okay. Either way, Alex did make sure to let Tyson know that this was his only free-be. Therefore, no matter what occurs tonight, if Tyson loses, then he will be out of opportunities at Luis' championship. But that's enough on that, let's get tonight's show underway!

If match convos aren't already started by the time I get back from work tonight, then I'll send them out. Either way, as per usual, you all have until Sunday night at 8PM EST to get the matches done. If they aren't done, either pick a winner or come up with a good story as to why it ended in a NO CONTEST. Otherwise you will receive a strike. Good luck this week!
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