Weekly Ignition - Week 15 - Results

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The Artiste
LIVE FROM: Toyota Center in Houston, Texas

Reese MaCleod: You've got to be kidding me! We're really going to let a championship change hands by those means?!
Tony Eckert: We can touch on that match in a bit, but let's start this recap off from the beginning.
Reese MaCleod: I don't know if I-
*Reese is interrupted by Co-General Manager, Alex Pierse, who is carrying a box of Wendy's fries*
Alex Pierse: This seat isn't taken, is it?
*Before either can answer, Alex takes a seat in the chair previously used by Emerson. He continues to eat his fries as both commentators look at each other in bewilderment before moving their focus back to the nights results*

#1 Contender's Tournament Round One
One on One - Normal Match

Vanessa York (@Hybrid) def. Wendi (@SupaHeeroh)

Tony Eckert: Well, let's change our attention to the first qualifying match for the SPARK World Championship.
Reese MaCleod: Well, we can definitely say that Vanessa is determined to get revenge, as tonight she went all out against the girlfriend to the Korean Sensation!
Tony Eckert: Considering the showing that Wendi had against Christina Morgan, I can't say that I expected the former SPARK World Champion to give anything less.
Reese MaCleod: Agreed. And should Vanessa win out in this tournament and go on to win back the SPARK World Championship, I wouldn't be surprised to see this match-up again! Though this time it would be for the richest prize a woman could hold!
Tony Eckert: These two competing for the title would be a must see match!


Christina Morgan

Tony Eckert: Keeping on the focus of the #1 Contender's Tournament though, we've learned that Christina Morgan has her mind set on the SPARK World Champion, Terra Hayze.
Reese MaCleod: Is it possible that she is too focused on Terra? I mean, she still will have to get through both Lilith Young and former champion, Vanessa York, in order to get to Terra. I think she may be looking too far ahead.
Tony Eckert: Christina isn't naive. She knows she's still got a few challenges ahead of her, whether she tries to brush them off or not. Fact is, she will have to be focused for these two matches, otherwise she won't be getting an opportunity at Ms. Hayze.

Grudge Match
One on One - Normal Match

Minho(@SupaHeeroh) def. Lord Fireshock Fireshock

Tony Eckert: We can touch back on that topic next week though. Instead, let's direct our focus onto the war that has been brewing over the past few months between The Syndicate and the new alliance as we saw Minho and Lord Fireshock go to war tonight!
Alex Pierse: *mouth full of fries* Thisth wasth uh gud one..
Tony Eckert: Yeah... it was a highly back and forth match-up as two top contenders for the Ignition World Championship came to a head tonight!
Reese MaCleod: And thank god that Minho came out on top! I was on the edge of my seat!
Alex Pierse: *swallows the fries* Yeah, maybe I made a mistake in booking this for a normal show... oh well, guess these people got their money's worth!
Tony Eckert: That is right! Though, this seemed to be the only point in the night where the new alliance came out on top...

One on One - Normal Match

@Hunter Ray def. William McCoy (@Finniis)

Reese MaCleod: You're telling me! Though the Modern Day Gentleman and the debuting Hunter Ray put on a great match-up with Hunter picking up his first victory, it was all tainted with what happened after the match! Of course the Syndicate had to ruin things for everyone!
Alex Pierse: I don't know what you're talking about. I was intrigued the whole time!
Tony Eckert: Well, for those of you confused about what we are referring to, following the match, The Syndicate would make an appearance, clearly looking for payback following the events of Viewer's Choice.
Reese MaCleod: Now are you going to tell me what these guys did wasn't criminal this time?!
Tony Eckert: It-
Reese MaCleod: They nearly crushed McCoy's skull! I wouldn't be surprised if we never see that guy in a ring again! Not to mention what they did to Emerson!
Alex Pierse: You could really hear that kid's right knee snap when Todd McKay dropkicked it against those steel steps! If he's up and walking by next week, you can bet that kid is lucky as hell!
Tony Eckert: All I can say is that I am sorry for what happened to both Emerson Zayne and William McCoy, and I wish them both a speedy recovery.
Alex Pierse: Don't forget Ray Ray! Nice job escaping with not only a win, but your career in tact, bro! Unlike the other two, we'll see you around next week!
Reese MaCleod: What?!
Tony Eckert: Okay...then...

Viewer's Choice Rematch - Ignition World Championship Match
One on One - No Holds Barred

Tyson Storm ( C Closed ) def. Luis Alvarado (@Hybrid)
NEW Ignition World Champion, Tyson Storm!

Tony Eckert: Let's just change the dreary subject to that of our main event.
Reese MaCleod: How is this any better?!
Alex Pierse: I mean, nobody lost their career in this match...
Reese MaCleod: Really?!
Alex Pierse: Sensative subject?
Tony Eckert: Guys! Haven't we had enough chaos for the night?
Alex Pierse: You can never have enough chaos! Chaos makes ratings go sky high!
Tony Eckert: Well, I guess you are right on that one. Though it was slightly less chaotic than when it happened at Viewer's Choice, this match still kept anyone from turning the channel. Tyson Storm and Luis Alvarado went to war for a third time for the World title here tonight, and when it came to a stalemate yet again, the Syndicate was there to turn things to their leader's favor.
Reese MaCleod: How can this be allowed?!
Alex Pierse: Simple. I allowed it.
Reese MaCleod: Why?!
Alex Pierse: Because I wanted to watch a fight, not a simple match. It's more entertaining that way.
*A smile gleams on Alex's face as Reese looks at him with disgust*
Tony Eckert: Focusing back on the actual match itself, though the numbers game wasn't on his side, Luis still fought back with everything he had. And surprisingly, Minho once again came to his aid. However, the numbers game was just too much, and thanks to underhanded tactics, we have crowned a NEW World Champion!

Reese MaCleod: And you're going to let this stand, Alex?
Alex Pierse: Sure, why not?
Reese MaCleod: Because I thought the whole point of you being here was to get rid of bias on Jet's side!
Alex Pierse: I did. He was biased against the Syndicate, so I gave them another chance to spite him. Therefore, I counteracted Jet's bias.
Reese MaCleod: So you just hand Tyson a title shot, and nobody else?
Alex Pierse: Hmmm...
Reese MaCleod: It isn't fair to the other competitors!
Alex Pierse: I guess that you are right.. Okay, okay. I got it! Next week, I'm going to give Luis a rematch for the championship.
Reese MaCleod: And what about the Syndicate?
Alex Pierse: You know, I have something in mind for that..
Reese MaCleod: Which is-?!
Alex Pierse: I guess that you'll find out next week. Though one thing I will tell you is that next week, I'm going to make sure that things are fair, and chaotic! But I'm out of fries, so I'm going to have to leave you guys to end things off.
*And with that, Alex heads off before Reese can say anything else*
Reese MaCleod: What do you think he's planning?
Tony Eckert: I have no idea. But what I do know is that next week we are going to see the World Championship defended one more time! So be sure to tune in! Until then, thank you all for tuning in tonight and we wish you all a great evening!
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The Game
ay, two time twooooooooooooooo time World champion. Well, I wonder if this reign will be as long as my last one (I have a feeling it might xD)
I also seem to be picking up a weird little trend with my title wins. With Robert Blake I won the IC title first and then the World title in a match with LukeTheGreat

With Tyson Storm I won the IC title in a match with ImpactKing and now this. I like that to be honest. It's like each character grows on TV as time goes by (Be it only two months but still)
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