Weekly Ignition - Week 16 - Match Card

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The Artiste
LIVE FROM: Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana

Tony Eckert: Hello everyone, and thank you for joining us for Saturday Night Ignition here at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana! Tonight we have a special guest here with us at ringside in the SPARK World Champion, Terra Hayze!
Terra: After your choice in co-commentator last week, it was only fitting that I was brought in to bring some class to this team.
Reese MaCleod: Yeah, okay.

PROMO OPPORTUNITY - Tyson's Acceptance Speech

The Syndicate ( C Closed , @Fireshock, @MintMidget69, @Papa Franku's ear)

Tony Eckert: Now tonight we are going to be kicking things off with Tyson Storm addressing his victory over Luis Alvarado last week that brought him his first World Championship here in Ignition!
Reese MaCleod: Who are you kidding? This is the Syndicate's acceptance speech, because without the help of the rest of his partners in crime, Tyson would never have won the championship in the first place!
Terra: Oh would you quit whining? Tyson did what he had to do to get the championship, just like any good champion would.
Reese MaCleod: Of course you'd say that of all people!
Terra: You say that like it is something I should be ashamed of. I'm the SPARK World Champion, I have nothing to be ashamed of, and neither does Tyson.
Tony Eckert: Whether tonight's acceptance speech is in regards to Tyson Storm or the Syndicate as a whole, I will guarantee you that everyone will be paying attention to what they have to say.

#1 Contender's Tournament Round One
One on One - Normal Match

Christina Morgan (@Fireshock) vs. Lilith Young (@impactking)

Tony Eckert: But since you guys decided to bring up the SPARK World Championship, let's switch topics to the second qualifying match taking place tonight. Last week we saw Vanessa York advance when she was able to defeat Minho's girlfriend, Wendi. Now here tonight we are going to see who will face Vanessa in the second round between the Black Rose, Lilith Young, and the vengeful Christina Morgan!
Terra: It honestly doesn't matter who advances in this tournament, because both of these women are nothing compared to me. I'm undefeated here in Ignition. And whether I face Christina, Lilith, or Vanessa, it is going to stay that way.
Reese MaCleod: You seem so sure about that.
Terra: I have no reason not to be. I'm undefeated! I'm the SPARK World Champion! I have proven myself the best this division has to offer, and I will continue to do so each and every week!


Assistant GM, Marie Quinn (@Jet Starr) and Terra Hayze ( Emo Emo )

Reese MaCleod: Well according to the footage that we are going to show later on from your confrontation with Assistant General Manager, Marie Quinn, she doesn't seem to agree with that statement.
Terra: It doesn't matter what her opinion on the matter is! The only reason anyone should tune into this is if they want to see a a little girl who abuses her power getting her head chewed off by a real woman!
Tony Eckert: I have to say, I am interested to see what sorts of words were exchanged between you two.

One on One - Normal Match

@Hunter Ray vs. Emerson Zayne ( Emo Emo )

Tony Eckert: For now though, let's refocus back onto tonight's match card. Last week Emerson Zayne was caught on the wrong side of a beatdown from the Syndicate as he tried to aid his new ally, William McCoy. However, even with how vicious the attack looked, it seems that Emerson has been cleared to compete! So tonight, he will go up against new-comer, Hunter Ray, who looks to remain undefeated by capturing his second victory here tonight!
Terra: Well if that new blood has any brain cells, he will make sure to focus his attack on that freak's knee.
Reese MaCleod: That's just messed up!
Terra: How? If you go into a match against someone with a weak spot, you are a fool not to exploit it, plain and simple. No wonder you never won a championship..

Ignition World Championship Match
One on One - No Hold's Barred (Special Referee)

Luis Alvarado (@Hybrid) vs. Ignition World Champion, Tyson Storm ( C Closed )

Tony Eckert: Alright, I think that's enough on that. Let's focus on tonight's main event, which has had the Ignition fan-base electric on social media over the past week! Tonight we are going to see Luis Alvarado and Tyson Storm go at it one more time for the Ignition World Championship! And thought the match itself may already be hyped up, it's the new factor that Co-General Manager, Alex Pierse, added onto the match at the end of the show last week that really has everyone talking!
Reese MaCleod: I have to say, after what Alex said last week, I am curious to see who he has picked to be the referee for this one.
Terra: If I had to guess, it would probably be that pop-star reject, Minho.
Tony Eckert: Well last week Alex said that this would be both "fair and chaotic." And considering Minho's disdain for our current World Champion, I wouldn't say that making him referee would be a very fair decision.
Terra: Well then, who do you think was picked for the job?
Tony Eckert: I have no idea, but like Reese, I can't wait to find out!

PROMO OPPORTUNITY - The Party! (everyone's invited)

The Syndicate ( C Closed , @Fireshock, @MintMidget69, @Papa Franku's ear)

*The tron at this point begins to show stage crew setting up a room in the back for Tyson's celebration regarding his Championship victory*
Tony Eckert: Looks like they are setting up for Tyson's party following his championship match later tonight. And remember, everyone's invited!
Terra: I haven't seen eye-to-eye with Tyson in the past, but I have to say I've grown a bit of respect for the guy. So maybe I'll decide to show up for this celebration.
Reese MaCleod: Well I for one will not be attending this celebration, because it is obvious to me that Syndicate is going to do something to help him retain tonight considering he is so certain as to throw a party for it.
Tony Eckert: Well, it seems that they are setting up the ring for Tyson's acceptance speech right now, so maybe we will find out what Tyson has in store for us in his championship match later tonight!

As per usual, you all have until Sunday night at 8PM EST to get the matches done. If they aren't done, either pick a winner or come up with a good story as to why it ended in a NO CONTEST. Otherwise you will receive a strike. Good luck this week!
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