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  1. I would like to remind users who consistently can't get along to use the awesome ignore list feature. You put the username of the user you don't want to interact with in the box, click okay and bam his posts and everything are gone. You ignore everything about him.

    Ignoring this feature and choosing to complain to me is just like walking inside a giant oven and saying "Help Crayo, I'm getting burned" but refusing to walk out the open door I'm providing you.
  2. Re: RE: Ignore List.

    What about the tapatalk app?? How do we ignore people on that??
  3. Are you included on the ignore list?
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  4. I don't have the application unfortunately, so I can't answer that.
  5. So this means I won't be able to see anything AidsJohnson posts, correct? If it is in response to me, it'll still be invisible?

    Will he be able to see my stuff too?
  6. He will still be able to see your stuff unless you're on his ignore list. You won't see any of his posts and such. I'm not sure about statuses though as it's a custom plugin and not integrated into the ignore list, so you might still be able to see those, but we moderate those quite strictly.

    Also, his name is THEAidsJohnson, if you don't type it right in the box it won't work. Furthermore, this isn't about you no, this is THE most forgotten feature on this forum and it saves me a ton of hassle/patience by users just using this instead of dragging me into it.
  7. THEAidsJohnson, the champ.
  8. Eh, it's less cool if they can still see your stuff. What's the point in using it if now you just get mocked behind your back without being able to defend yourself?
  9. No wonder I can't find Xanth. :dawg:
  10. Why would someone do that? This isn't school. It's common sense that most users provoke other users for that reason, to provoke and bait for a response. If his posts anger you, then put him on the ignore list and you will not see them.

    Also, user flaming/"trolling" isn't allowed here, so if he did say stuff publicly about you it will be removed whether you're ignoring him or not. Have faith.
  11. I had a longer post, but it's worthless and I'm already PMing you about it. I don't feel like dragging it out further, and I'm not going to lie, I don't have much faith in the system. I can just hope that you're right and things change with this specific user. I'll give you that much faith, but if things don't (with no provoking on another users part) then I've lost all faith in everything here.
  12. Well regardless of that, if you don't want to see his posts, use the ignore list. I've never seen any public derailing of you outside of statuses anyway, so you can have faith in our moderation team to moderate statuses as we do.
  13. Well the MLB forum was pretty much the first instance, and a wrestling thread where he did a promo on me how my opinion is worthless and everyone hates me. But you're right for the most part.
  15. Gimmick free.
  16. :lol1: These kids cant get off my dick. Start shit then cry about forums not being equal. Aids > you, :true:
  17. Don't feed the troll Mainstream.
  18. What troll? if you speak of the one they called "Aids" he doesn't exist anymore, i guess you can call me "Aids Free"
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  19. #admitdefeat. I honestly bet you both message each other and another member here about my messages while you cry about it. I'm probably on only one member's ignore, while you both banter about your situation. This is a gimmick. Welcome to my world, here.....Aids = your god. Talk about hypocrites.


    Funny you cry, then post here, then cry more, then status post (stating i neg repped after the fact) then post here, but say it's ignore list. This is shitty banter at it's best, and of course im going to reply. This just gets more people on my side.
  20. Don't feed the troll, he's just trying to build his internet ego with forum friends.


    Also, for the sake of the thread and to get it back on topic: Thank you Crayo for pointing out this feature. It is a hidden gem I didn't know existed until now. Is there a way to like, put it on the top or bottom of the site and let users know about it? It could really help a lot of situations out.
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