I'll never leave.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Seabs over taking my online time makes me feel sick. As soon as I get my GALAXY SAMSUNG S III - I'll be online all day just to catch up. Gym + WF = :fap:.

    Thread intention: Rub it in that I'm finally getting rid of my old phone for an actual good phone. But next week though :((
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  2. I've been able to tinternet on my phone for agggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggges.
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  3. Lol Crayo with his Nokia 6510. :troll:
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  4. Is that what he's upgrading to? Must be a step up from the IStone.
  5. I have been using WF mobile for ageeeeeeeeesssssss already. WiFi phone for the win!
  6. Yeah. I wish I had enough money for that.
    Still stuck with my iRock :emoji_slight_frown:


    Bitch please.
    WiFi? :haha:

    4G > WiFi :yay:
  7. I love you crayo!
  8. Oh dear, more addicts lmao. You are addicted enough!!!
  9. Anyone with over a month uses a refresh bot.
    I'm active and I'm not even on 2 weeks yet. -_-

  10. or they just have no life like me.. getting close to 1 month :true: im always on here
  11. You've spent at least 12 hours on here every day since you joined.

  12. Not sure if serious. Both me and Seabs have over 2 months and Xanth is only 6 days behind me. All three have been active daily since December 2011. Big Hoss has over a month too and he also signed up in December I believe.
  13. Excuse me? I never use bots. That's for sissy's. Keeping a tab open on your browser at all times that you are on the computer easily gets you time. Then again I am an active user so make of that what you will.

  14. You disappeared for a few months lol. Plus together me and Crayo have what, 40,000 posts? That's gonna take some serious time plus we lurk a fair bit in discussion threads also, watching Raw, PPVs, Impact and UFC at times. It all takes up about 2 hours a show lol.
  15. like i said, no life :true:
  16. :true:
    I did vanish for a while. :jeritroll:
  17. On this topic stealing my gf's iphone when she gets her upgrade so will spend more time on here as will have access everywhere! Actually can't wait.
  18. Better keep your ass here Cloud :never:
  19. Feck leaving my gf hates me talking bout this site and moaning at her when I cant get on here at hers haha!
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