I'll tell you who I really really miss.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. Shane McMahon.

    Discuss this beast here.
  2. I miss Shane o Mac so much. He was hilarious, had some of the most insane spots in modern wwe and he seemed to have a passion and good understanding of the business.
  3. I will never forget the spot where he jumped off the titantron against Big Show IIRC.
  4. He was entertaining but I see bigger gaping holes to be filled than Shane.
  5. He was entertaining, loved the business and risked himself a lot... although I don't think we need him. Same thing as the other McMahons, he's nice to watch but he's been on TV a lot over the years, there's no real need for him to come back. I'd like it if he did though.
  6. Yeah i miss Shane too. Apparently he left because of a disagreement about WWE's direction right?
  7. Take a look at the sig, not many people would do stuff like that. He was really just a spot monkey, but still entertaining
  8. Was that from Backlash 2000, in the 6 man tag btw? Rock, Taker and Kane vs Vince, Shane and HHH. It's been bugging me trying to remember for certain.
  9. That's what I heard around the time he left, but I think he also wanted to take a break and work with his own stuff for a while.
  10. Alright I looked it up, It was KOTR 2000. HHH, Vince, and Shane vs. The Rock, Kane, and Undertaker for the WWF title. Whoever got the pin would be WWF champion.
  11. I hated stipulations like that involving the WWF Title... they did it all the time during the AE
  12. Oh my Lacky! Thank you for reminding me!
  13. It's okay.
  14. The only time it really made sense to me was with Taker and Kane vs HHH and Austin, in that winner takes all match. I agree it was over played and annoying however.
  15. Was it overplayed? KOTR 2000 and Backlash 2001 is the only time I can remember them doing stipulations like that.

    And I don't miss Shane. Other than the occasional Vince appearance, I'm tired of seeing the McMahons on TV.
  16. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xk8zy_kurt-angle-vs-shane-mcmahon_sport[/video]

    This whole match was awesome, but 19:30 is really awesome. Listen to that thud. I believe Shane suffered a concussion from that but still insisted on going through TWICE. Shane had guts, nobody can deny that
  17. I fucking loved Shane McMahon he is the only McMahon I truely love. He genuinely cared for the business and he should of been the one to take over the company. Its a shame he left the business to do his own thing its clear to see he was pushed out thanks to the son in law HHH. There were some pics of Shane, HHH, Vince, Steph, Linda all together at Linda's campaign and from looking at those photos you could tell Vince was more closer to HHH than his own son that just said it all

    Shane McMahon really took things to a new level with the crazy shit he did. Jumping off stage sets from a great height which could of injured him but he somehow survived without a scratch. Doing hardcore matches and taking major bumps that other talent wouldnt dare to do. Shane really was a crazy bastard but it was so entertaining to watch and he had me gripped. I really miss him and I think WWE today would be alot different if he was still around. His feud with Kane was my favourite he really shined in that feud and showed he was more than just the boss' son. I always wonder if he would ever return for a one off show but I doubt it since hes doing well in his new job and has obviously moved on with his life
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