Theories Illuminati: Does it exist or will it forever be a 'theory'?

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  1. I've seen this video couple of hours ago:

    I'm still having an issue to believe it, but this is strange as hell. So, basically, my question is what the title says. Gotta say though, the video sure made me think twice about what I am listening to...
  2. :lol1: i like a lot of them, but the music industry doesnt go down as far as rhianna or as far up as jay-z, the illuminati (imo) consists of the people who hold elite meetings such as Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove, where there is proof of actual power being bartered for, and speaking/video/taping of it is banned. That is where shit is real.

    People may sell their soul to get famous, but it goes to people like the dude who ran Sony and owns his own set of islands. TOo lazy to look up.

    Either way, this topic is going to be raped with jokes/insults, as the others have been also.
  3. It will forever be pish to me.
  4. Whether they're hiding in plain sight by rapping about it, or rapping about the Illuminati just to troll with all the believers about shit like that, I don't know.

    There is some kind of 'Elite' - what it is, I don't know.
  5. Or at least until you have to move out on your own, pay taxes, and have worried about what will happen in your local economy.
  6. I'll never be a believer no matter what happens, shit things will happen to me but I'll never be anything other than an Atheist. That isn't to say I won't research other religions, though.
  7. What does the illuminati have to do with religion? I go to church, and i get how it works to the benefit of politicians. You can believe whatever you want, but as far as a bigger picture on the top % of the world goes, just scoop up a forbes and read about insider trading and how it leaves us all to pay for it.
  8. Oh to be young and naive again.
  9. Well it's a belief in a power which can control humans, which is basically what a religion is. One day I'll look more into things like this, but I'll never believe.
  10. Way to keep an open mind :dawg:
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  11. I don't know, maybe one day I'll be less stubborn lol.
  12. The Illuminati consists of billionaire corporate giants, not musicians. Families that own big banks, big oil businesses, Federal Reserve. They also control politicians by funding their campaigns. Whether you call it the Illuminati or government corruption. There's a lot of shit you don't know about. What you know is only about 5% of the reality. Which is why I wouldn't be surprised if the government had alien space ships. Everything that happens is connected in some way, part of a 'bigger picture.'

    A year before 9/11, mainstream news which is privately owned started spreading propaganda against the middle east. A year later, 9/11 happened. They even got Bush, a politician, to lie that Iraq and WMD's. With the support it needed, America went into Iraq and made them sell oil back in U.S. currency. This is one of the reasons WW3 will likely happen. And probably soon.

    I find it easier to make people believe in the Illuminati when you don't talk about it, and instead connect the dots on everything and how they connect. Which then asks the question, who's doing this. Obviously, something or someone more powerful than the U.S. Government.

    Maybe Rihanna and Jay Z are the Illuminati, or maybe they're just trolling us and trying to get more popular by claiming Illuminati. But the real Illuminati isn't what you see on MTV. The real Illuminati is behind the scenes of everything bad that's been happening. Like the financial collapse in 2008. Or the collapse of the dollar over the past 70 years.

    The scary part is it won't get any better from here. Only worst. Worst case scenerio would be that the U.S. becomes a dictatorship 100 years from now. Along with other world governments. Rights of U.S. citizens are already being taken away more and more as time progresses. God Bless 'Murica.
  13. Stubborn isn't the word. Ignorant/closeminded would be the one. I mean, you can choose to believe the extent of it, but there is 0% question that the richest people in the world run this bitch to some degree. If you don't think so, you one day will.
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  14. Am I not right in saying that Illuminati is where these rich people and what they do are controlled by devils and shit? That's what the video I watched were saying ?
  15. :damnn:

    I'm not religious and don't believe in Satan. You may have dug too deep and found a spin off conspiracy that somehow tried to tie in the devil.

    The "Illuminati" or "New World Order" to me is just the richest and most powerful people in the world who run everything (along with the jews from Israel who apoint their jew brethren to run the banks that run this country)
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  16. The Illuminati or "Elite" are the rich and powerful around the world. They are the ones who hold the most money and most power.
    They are in bed with all government officials, some being government themselves.
    They use religion, stereotyping, branding, ect. to make us hate each other.
    They put crap in our water, food, pretty much anything that goes in or on our bodies so we become sick, thus they make more money off the medical world.
    The medical world then "helps" something while still keeping us sick so we "need" them and they can keep taking our money.
    That is just today... They have supposedly have been doing this since before the birth of Christ.

    I am not saying I believe any, some or all of this, but certain things that have happened through out history make you question things.
    I for one am informed in a lot of conspiracy theory stuff just in case. If it is true, then I'd rather know what to expect then go in this not knowing.
  17. The only stuff I've ever watched was Ziggles's videos on here a couple of months ago, and that's what they said. Probably should have looked more in-depth than that, but watched them and though 'well this is a load of shit'.

    That sounds fairly believable to be honest, barely even a conspiracy. I'll read the wiki page after the United/Madrid game is finished.
  18. They put crap in our water, food, pretty much anything that goes in or on our bodies so we become sick, thus they make more money off the medical world.
    The medical world then "helps" something while still keeping us sick so we "need" them and they can keep taking our money.

    What? Granted a lot of people are ill and a lot do die as a result, but the majority of people who are sick recover. Unless they're old or have underlying health issues.

    Also NHS in the UK is free for most, so it's not like they gain any money from us.
  19. Nobody cares about the UK. She was talking about America.
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  20. The belief that absolutely everything (even who wins the lottery and whatnot, which some people actually believe) is controlled by a super group of some kind is pretty absurd and laughable. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a higher group that had some kind of hand in certain things, though. Anyone who's played the awesome Metal Gear Solid series will know of the storyline (the Patriots) having to do with this.
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