Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. This is basically a thread to discuss secret societies, Illuminati, elite, templar... What ever you wana call "them" :notsure:

    Yes, I am one of them crazy people who thinks the governments that rule the world aren't all about hugs, rainbows and teddy bears.
  2. Illuminati is real.
  3. We have had a few of these, and they all are deleted. If you want me to help you out on understanding it, learn2pm.

    Secret societies exist, look at simple things like the reason for the Rockefellers success, the Bildeberg meeting, or things like the Bohemian grove. Do they control the world? No. Do they run our governments? Not entirely, but they have control. Are they the reason for world war, the creation of the NWO (not the one the in..) no.

    public influence is real, Bill Gates is one of the most powerful leaders ever, but look at his biggest donations. Political influence is everywhere, and if you disagree, you have never watched FOX news before. Seriously, PM if you want to battle.
  4. Not saying they don't. Trust me. I've seen stuff go down.


    And Bill Gates is an asshole! He want population control the most. He funds millions a year for it.
  5. Im confused on your first post then, and you have witnessed it in person? PM to fill me in, as this thread is a promised closed-by-tomorrow deal. I loved reading your posts while my ban was on, and am really glad we have you to post some worthwhile threads after 8pm 'merica time.
  6. Why would this be banned? Its things people need to wake up about. Like vaccines and secret chemical testing being done on newborns. I probably know more than I should... LOL

    This crap has been around since before Jesus Christ. Heck, the "elite" funded to roman catholic church to confuse people.
  7. This part is the issue. You last post is amazing though. I hope the HQ posting gets this to say open (not closed, never banned) and our HQ posts are worth reading. Let's just keep alex jones off the posts.
  8. Honestly, I don't like Alex. He suposta be a "christian" and he's tricking people into buying stuff out of fear. Uhhh Jesus don't play that way! lol

    I know stuff from now to back in the templar days. Shits wack what they do. lol
  9. Alex is just a different voice of fear mongering. PM me some links, im always down to get new info. I demand it.
  10. Will do! Playing mw3 atm tho so I'm just reading things in between rounds. I'll send you some stuff though soon.
  11. ps3 or 360. And why cod? Upgrade to l4d2.
  12. Yeah 360. I been playing since cod3.. So I am basically hooked to the franchise. lol
  13. halo1 here, so same deal, but i still upgraded :lol1: now pm me some of those links.
  14. Not right now! gaming!!! I will in the next few days. I have tons of stuff, just gotta remember it all. a good place for stuff thats Christian based (mind you) is has a lot about vaccines, the government and what not.


    send more in the next few days!
  15. Next you're gonna tell me Wrestling is fake. :haha:
  16. Well... Its not fake, but it is scripted. Shhh! Don't tell the kids!... Nah... Who cares about the kids! GTS THEM ALL!!!!!!!! :finger:

  17. :tough:
  18. I support Illuminati.

    Most people are shit and deserve death, and those suffering (third world countries or what have you) should be put out of their misery.
  19. Templars are real! I've played every assassins creed to, so i know it can't be fake. Silly templars, the apple of eden is for kids :otunga:
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