I'm 99% sure I've made this post before

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. But why is TNA not kicking in Steen's door demanding he come to Orlando to work for them?

    Seriously. Steen in TNA would be a wet dream come TRUE
  2. Isnt he under contract to ROH?
  3. No idea what Steen's contract is like. I doubt it is too binding; ROH's contract usually are not. Even if he does have an exclusive contract with them I'm sure it isn't long term.
  4. If steen comes to TNA.. he wont be as edgy though... I dont think Network TV will allow it.. But it would be a fantastic storyline.. Steen vs the network
  5. You have made this thread before, I remember it. I remember agreeing with everything you said too, I'm surprised both TNA and WWE haven't started fisting ROH to try and steal Steen. I have a sneaky feeling we'll never see him in TNA though.
  6. Steen in WWE would be too watered down. :cry:
  7. He would be fine in TNA.. WWE is where he would slurp dong.

    Nothing Steen does in ROH is any more 'edgy' than Aries and Hogan threatening to break a dude's legs or rip out his tongue with pliers


    methinks this is just your inner WWE fanboy hoping against hope that Steen winds up in Connecticut and not Orlando

    no way in hell he doesn't end up working for one company or the other. He is too young and talented
  8. Jesus you're annoying.

    No it's because he has WWE friends in high places, I just have this small feeling he's waiting for the call to WWE when they're ready. I could be completely wrong, it's just a hunch. I just don't see why TNA wouldn't have grabbed him already if it was any other way. I'd much prefer him at TNA though, 100%.
  9. Steen will have his time on national TV. It is only a matter of time.
  10. I figure TNA's worried about getting burned like they did with that Aries guy. I mean, what a bust he was.

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  11. That'd be cool, but he's the World Champ down there and kick ass all over the indy scene. He wouldn't cross for average paycheck... Maybe for 4 numbers per appearance.
  12. :win:
  13. Yes.. Steen in TNA.. EPIC
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