Im a huge fan of AJ now

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. Im a huge fan of AJ now she is rocking this push so well I hope this continues
  2. She plays her role very well, I must say that.
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  3. Yeah, AJ has won me over during this push. And she even wrestled matches during this push, making her even more worthy of her spotlight. :jeritroll: And I agree with Leo C, she plays her character very well and makes me convinced as if it's her real self. She better not screw Punk at MITB, even though she obviously will... And WWE better not leave her on the sehelf when this angle with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in the Love Triangle is finished.
  4. Diva's champ in no-time. :pity:
  5. You are in luck then since reports state that WWE itself is very high on her at the moment and impressed with her work. They are apparently reworking the divas division around her and plan to make her the next poster diva. If this is true we will see a lot of AJ in the future.
  6. I seriously think she will be divas champion soon. I really dont even know why management have wasted their time giving the title to Layla as shes not that over and hasent even been on tv much for fans to care about her as champion. She getting the Beth treatment as champion with hardly being shown
  7. AJ vs. Kharama - Diva's Title

  8. Only diva who means something on the show anyway. She's playing it perfectly I agree, she's awesome.
  9. Not to sound like a hipster, but I loved AJ since NXT! She's always been good on the mic and good on the ring. Not to mention she's so damn cute she makes kittens revolting in comparison.
  10. Tbh I never saw her until her first story with D-Bry.
  11. She was really good in NXT, and the Chickbusters.. Really active in the ring. Crayo is a AJ-newfag..

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    jk luvya :haha:
  12. I am tbh. I never watched NXT apart from Season 1 and bits of Season 2.
  13. Me too OP, she is amazing! I hope Raw continues to be centered around her for the next 5 years!
  14. The only thing ill say, is i dont mind her flying kick finisher. Seeing her for 30 minutes a show at least, is garbage. She does a good job with what she has but she was more important in the last two RAW shows than Lesnar was during his monster run earlier in the year. As always, Beth and Natalya are divachamp material in my opinion, and the rest are just there for looks.
  15. AJ sucks donkey's ass, and the whole storyline is actrociuos, terrible and stupid.
  16. Yeah, all we need is her in a death match..
  17. Whatever the hell that means.

    And what a deathmatch has to do with the stupidity of this poor storyline?
  18. I do wonder what will be next for AJ after this storyline with CM Punk/Daniel Bryan ends I hope they dont just stop her push as right now shes doing awesome and needs to keep this going
  19. She'll keep the gimmick but she'll most likely feud with Eve -- you know -- be unimportant again.
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