I'm about to see if I can put back an entire large pizza by myself

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 27, 2012.

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  1. face_xanth

    I'm a fairly skinny fella, about 5'11 and my weight fluctuates between 150 to 160, probably closer to 150 right now because I haven't eaten much all day. I'm fucking starving and think I can put it down.

    Will post results



    I failed, there are still 3 pieces left and I feel like shit now. fml
  2. You're fat and probably going to have a heart attack.

    ikid ikid
  3. did you die?
  4. This has nothing to do with how fat you are, its about how strong you're stomach is. Fatness is usually just due to high motabolism and what not combined with food.
  5. Not really. My stomach was not very happy with my decision to eat 9 pieces of pizza but it got over it.
  6. Nine? Poor show. I could mange that on a bad day :pity:
  7. :badass:
  9. :dafuq:

    If you have a fast metabolism, you're skinny.
  10. How big was it?
  11. Yeah how big?
  12. As big as my penis.
  13. Idk how to distinguish the size other than it was a large. I should have busted out the measuring stick before devouring it.
  14. Not good enough.
  15. @[Crayo] Is a pizza considered large when it measures the with of Xanth? :sad:
  16. Astronomically giant I think is the official translation of "the width of Xanth".
  17. Not to be a d***, but he did say it was a large pizza
  18. OMG, heck no
  19. So how it did it went down, bro? Xanth-like or fork-like?
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