I'm actually starting to enjoy Batista.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 25, 2014.

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  1. Even though the opening segment on RAW was a complete embarrassment, he did really well for me. I'm liking heel Dave mix with other heels. He has this badass persona with his hipster jeans but it's working. He knows how to shut down the fans who chant boring and all that.

    How are you all enjoying big Dave?
  2. Since the heel turn became official a few weeks ago I have started to warm towards Batista more so than when he came back at the Royal Rumble. It appears he has started to adjust to the consistent negative reactions he is receiving from the WWE audiences and is managing to incorporate his own feelings in to his heel promos.

    I would like to see him squash a few more face wrestlers though before WM30 to demonstrate more of his animalistic characteristics. Maybe back-to-back Batista bomb's on Miz this Friday during a Miz TV segment? "Best for Business"
  3. I definitely enjoyed seeing him own Stephanie and send her on her way last night. It marked the first time since his return that he did something that entertained me.
  4. That opening segment was really good (when I was able to stop staring at Steph long enough to pay attention).

    Honestly, the microphone issues kinda worked for him. It came across as him being so angry and yelling that his voice was cracking up. It comes across well on TV. Heel Batista has always lead to great TV, just give the guy some bullet points and let him yell into a mic for 5 minutes and you usually get some great TV. Problem is he eventually has to wrestle, too.
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  5. Nah. I only saw the opener so far and he was bad. His spear made me want to stop watching wrestling completely, it was that bad.
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  6. He's doing alright. I don't jump out of my chair or anything.
  7. He's meh. Liked the drooling thing though.
  8. OH HELL NO! :pipebomb:

    I'm glad you are enjoying him, I sure as hell am not. He is so shitty Orton got a decent pop for the RKO.
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  9. Typical IWC fapping for any heel. He is a dong slurper fa sho.
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  10. Come on, you guys aren't enjoying him? He's the perfect blend of comedy and unintentional comedy. You can laugh at his rage and then laugh at his shitty spear.
  11. I've said unintentional comedy is all he is good for. Me laughing at how terrible he is doesn't make me want to see his shitty matches any more though.
  12. There's nothing in this world that'll make you want to see an actual Batista match lol
  13. It's pretty stupid for anyone to discuss match quality and Batista in the same sentence. We're evidently talking about segments, promos, etc., and not his dull matches. He is serving his role pretty well in this feud.
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  14. pardon me princess. It is relevant to me, because I can't really enjoy the build for a match I know will suck. That's just me as a fan though. You are free to enjoy any big skinny jean wearing terrible match putting on douchebag you feel to.
  15. For me his promos always seem to be all over the place. Stuttering, repeating, and then he says deal with it. It's not terrible, but I wouldn't say they were good either.
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  16. You think Bryan vs Batista vs Orton is guaranteed to suck? Orton was one of the best wrestlers in the world in 2011, and Bryan himself has won that award like a billion years in a row. Batista being in the match doesn't mean the match will suck; he can provide the shock moments. Unless of course you're just generalising Batista matches in general and that's why you can't enjoy him, but that's a bit silly imo. You mark for Reigns, but let's be honest, a long one on one match with him is going to suck at the moment while he's still green... isn't that slightly hypocritical?
  17. I enjoy Reigns matches a lot more than Orton, Bryan or Batista matches.

    You are the one who constantly shits on Reigns as a singles guy. I've enjoyed him any time he gets a long run of in ring action.
  18. What Reigns singles match stands out for you? How have you even seen enough of him to judge that? And I don't "constantly shit" on him, or even shit on him, it's a known fact the guy is green and that is absolutely fine. He has been doing incredible and shows potential, but let's not pretend he's a modern day Chris Benoit...
  19. Nobody is pretending that. Reigns entertains me in the ring, I don't know how else I can put it to you. He hasn't been given singles matches outside of the Punk Raw ME or the Bray match, which were both good IMO, but in the rumble, survivor series, any 6 man tag, ect, he entertains me when he is in the ring.

    You act like there is some formula that equates to people being entertained. Can I not just enjoy Roman Reigns like a fucking mark that I am? shit man. I enjoy Reigns, and I don't enjoy any of Bryan, Batista and damn sure not Orton. End of story? I like who I like and you can like who you like, is that not part of the beauty of wrestling?
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  20. The match sounds like what we expected out of the Punk/Rock/Cena triple threat all of us except the Punk haters wanted at WM last year. Punk and Cena (played by Orton and Bryan) have great chemistry and they can carry the action while the Rock (played by Dave) can be out of shape sucking wind on the outside for much of the match while coming in to do some basic signature spots every now and then to give us a different match than the usual Bryan/Orton match we've seen a billion times.

    Sounds good to me!
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