I'm attending a WWE 2K14 video game play testing event. Leave your suggestions for the game!

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by [://puls3], May 15, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm attending an early preview video game test for WWE 2K14. They invited a couple community leaders, and I was one of the few chosen. Now, they asked us to try & get as much information from the people that we know to relay to them when we get there.

    So my question to you guys: what would you like to see added in the next WWE Game? What would you like to see changed from WWE '13? Is there anything that you think should be fixed?

    Thanks for reading guys, and take care.
  2. GM Mode is that absolute no.1 priority for me. I also like the idea of having to start off as GM of NXT, then Superstars, then Main Event or whatever, before eventually moving up to the bigger leagues. You can call guys up from NXT/move them down from the main roster all you want.

    Obviously that's rather far fetched, so just normal GM mode will be more than sufficient lol.
  3. A never ending season mode similar to Smackdown on the PS. Could be a career mode with a CAW as long as it had lastability. Meaning other characters interacted with you in angles etc....
  4. What a honor, well they know C.M Puls3 is getting hot like a Grilled Cheese Sandwich lol.But on a serious note, I wanna know about maybe a Royal Rumble Modification to where we can modify how Wrestlers get eliminated.Instead of tossing them over the ropes, why not go Hardcore like you could with WWF No Mercy and only get eliminated via Ko or first blood.I also wanna know if the controls will be the same, and how about will this game's roster be bigger than WWE 13's?
  5. More attention to detail, stuff like not having the Mania set in a Raw sized arena, improved create modes, universe mode & the 1 count glitch.
  6. Suggest a special entrance for MITB winners, sort of like championship entrances.
  8. Instead of superstar threads, I want to have the ability to change the entire attire.
    A story mode similar to SVR '07.
    This is more of an error, but when you did an OMG Moment! in an empty arena, the crowd cheered.
    A special online story mode.

    Most of these are far fetched.
  9. Ask how much DLC will be, and about new moves. You better tell us if the shield is in the game.
  10. Fix servers nuff said
  11. I would like to see the return of a true season mode. The last time they had this was in Raw vs Smackdown 2007 where you could go on different paths rather than a one track storyline like "Road to Wrestlemania and Attitude Era Mode". Even if they don't have voice overs it would be way better than recent years, just to have a good story with some control over what happens. Need I remind anyone of the Jacob Cass flop.
  12. They won't do that because then people wouldn't be bothered to buy the next version of the game. Instead they strip it down, remove features so they can re-add them, only have storylines that have a finish, don't give us an amazing roster with dozens of legends, ect.

    They could easily make a game to blow everyone away, but then nobody would buy WWE 2k15 or w/e the fuck they call the shit.
  13. whats sad is we all would, they just dont want to give it a chance. Ill support a product i love, look at all us with madden. Same shit, new cover.
  14. I liked the story mode when they had like 3 stories made, and depending on which superstar you used, you get one particular story. That way you can do the story with any superstar you want. That's dope imo.
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