I'm baaa-aaack! and better than evah...

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Psycho Rangers, Sep 19, 2016.

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  1. Hi there! For those of you that were on CMPuLs3's old forum, I used to be called Federation-er. Well I'm back forum-ing, and I've decided to come here! Hello!
  2. Welcome brother jack dude :jbl:
  3. Hello Again.

    @Mike Thunder @Crithu He is a fellow Colemaster from the far away lands. Treat him nicely.
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  4. Hello! My name is Mike Thunder AKA BIG Mikey T AKA Mikey! I am a Colemaster and @Geek773 sucks.
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  5. Thanks for the greeting! Glad to be here.
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  6. Why thank you, Reag. You're too kind. ^^
  7. Welcome. You don't have to join @The ReagMaster's sleazy heels - he's gone sour since you saw him last. I'm Geek, his nemesis and leader of the Anti-Reag League (aka Team Banter Babyface xD) <3
  8. Geek is the bad guy.
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  9. #WorstBabyfaceever
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  10. *shakes hand* Thank you for the introduction.
  11. Welcome to WWEF, m8. Enjoy your stay.
  12. <3
  13. How do you do? Welcome to the zoo.

    Seriously though, hope you will enjoy it here. I'd say don't fall in with the bad element, but I like heels more than faces a lot of time so there really is not a bad element... unless you fall in with Dixie Carter... blech... :emoji_slight_smile:
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  14. Thank you very much for the introduction! And we'll have to wait and see what the "bad element" is in this forum's case lol
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  15. Tip: It's @The ReagMaster!
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  16. Again how am I the heel when all Geek does is put the attention on himself? Someone answer me that who is not Geek
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  17. I'm warning the newcomer of the dangers of your evil clique! You're the sleazy heel trying to pin the blame on the nice guy. Go on, deny it!
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    EDIT - Was originally Team Geek but my preferences have changed.
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