Kayfabe I'm baaaaaaack

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  1. *The lights go out in the arena and the titantron begins to fade into a picture of a wood, which is very familiar to everyone, yet still seems very new. The crowd stays silent as it pans to a tall man wearing a black hoodie with the hood up*
    It's been a while...but I guess the time for isolation is now. I've been waiting to come back after some serious planning and thinking and what better than to come back at the biggest event of the summer. Which of course is summerslam.
    *The crowd begin to cheer at the talk of the next big pay per view coming up*
    Now I'm sure you all remember me. The man who destroyed Will, broke Tony and is sure as hell going to finally beat Jack one of the biggest names in the company. I'm going to finally break you because the only reason you beat me was because you got lucky. You were tough I'll give you that but while I've been chanelling my inner demons and becoming stronger than you could ever imagine you've not really done anything significant. I'm going to get in that ring and I'm gonna make sure you stay on that mat for the 1 2 3 and oh it's gonna be good.
    Doomsdays gonna kill you, Doomsdays gonna kill you, Doomsdays gonna kill you
    *The crowd begin to chant as the titantron slowly fades away to the devilish smirk peering out from under the hood*
    OOC: I know this promo was kind of meh but I just need to get back in the swing of things again
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