I'm Back, And Better Than Ever! (I Hope).

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  1. Hello!

    I'm the kind of guy who has the initials "JR" without beign called "Jim Ross". So.....Yeah, the you have it, and explanation fom my name.

    I was a member of TWF for like a year. And when the site died, i decided to take a time off from blogging in general. But the love for wrestling was stronger, and i really liked to talk about it in the forum, so i think that this is a great time to return, knowing also that there is some people from the TWF too (I was known there for making game shows, that was my talent there). But also i would like to meet some new blood, of course.

    So, anything important to know about me from thhe start? Yes, I guess.

    I'm from Chile, i was the guy marking the most for Alejandro "XL" Saez when he appeared on CWC. And also my English is not the best, because it is not my first lenguage.

    My favorite bands are Pearl Jam, KISS and Iron Maiden.

    My favorite wrestler is Kevin Owens.

    I like pancakes.

    I'm 6.4 feet tall. And you can't teach that.

    I really like pancakes.

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  2. Welcome homie. I'm primarily a Hip-Hop/R&B fan but Pearl Jam is the fuckin shit. Kevin Owens is amazing too, shoulda been here Monday to see me marking the hell out haha. Good to have you.
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  4. Welcome to WWEF, m8. Enjoy your stay.

    I like pancakes, Pearl Jam and Kevin Owens, too! :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. A lot of Pearl Jam fans i see......

    Dis gunna be gud.
  6. Iron Maiden tho
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  7. Welcome fellow former TWF guy.
  8. Dood, I missed you.
  9. Welcome back to the mad house.
  10. Welcome back Amigo
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