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  1. I'm back,for a little while anyway-didn't take as long as I thought,until I have the surgery they're keeping me on some pretty good pain killers(god that was such a stupid thing to do-lol,now I know why they always have the saying on the thing"DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME",but they never mentioned about lifting heavy things-lol.
    I know to use your knees and bend your knees when going to lift heavy things-I did that,but apparently that bike was a lot heavier than I thought and I guess in a stupid way-I thought I had something to prove.
    I am physically ill-as my body has been ravaged by arthritis badly because of 2 things-BAD GENETICS and Some bad stuff I went through as a kid and never getting checked out properly and some old wounds that never healed correctly.
    I have:Fibromyalgia,TMJ, MyoFascial Joint Syndrome, PlanterFasciatis, Lupus,Rheumatoid Arthritis, Soriatic Arthritis, Degenerative Spine,minimal Scoliosis, and Crohn's.
    Right now they're doing all they possibly can to try and treat all this-but because there is no cure and no real treatment that actually works-they have me on constant physical therapy,exercises at home, a change in diet-they're just trying to do all they can and I just went and made the situation worse-I've already had 3 knee surgeries,2 spine surgeries-and very soon will be going in for a 3rd and of course they recently just added Carpal Tunnel to the list.
    I am working on trying to get stronger and healthier-but I am on disability at the moment and have been for 10 years and they don't know if I will ever be able to return to the work force-not even part time. When I watch Wrestling-It makes me feel strong and powerful and it's the inspiration I need to get better.
    When I hear someone like Triple H talk or John Cena or even Punk himself-it gives me that kick in the butt I need to continue to fight and not to ever give up,that it's not over til it's over and that is exactly what I need and that is also why I want to say THANKYOU to the WWE-YOU GUYS GIVE ME THE POWER TO FIGHT-EVEN WHEN I FEEL LIKE I CAN'T FIGHT ANYMORE-WHEN I FEEL TOO WEAK TO CONTINUE FIGHTING-THAT'S THE KICK IN THE ARSE THAT I NEED.
    You guys are kind of like The Mickey Goldmill of The Rocky movies in my life-in my corner in a way-helping me to fight and I am so very honored to be here-so I just wanted to say ThankYou to the WWE whom are my inspiration and my FIGHTING POWER-which is exactly what I need. THANK YOU ALWAYS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART TO THE WWE-YOU GUYS ARE AN INSPIRATION!:yes:
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  2. Moved to the locker room. Good to have you back for a bit.
  3. No problem - thank @[Vince McMahon] for creating all of this, a true inspiration.
  4. Welcome back.
  5. Hey, how ya feelin bud?
  6. Pretty good "bud" thank you and yourself?(or should I ask-lol,how's Canada?freezing I bet-I've been there one time in my life,my mom took me camping up there to Ontario when I was like 5 years old-and it was cold!cold and all the danged deerflies that bite the heck out of you and the raccoons that wouldn't leave my husky alone at night-lol,he slept outside our tent by a tree and all the danged raccoons would hassle him-poor thing-lol.
    You notice I don't go crazy here-lol. I could,but that's just not me. Let's just say this-I've been around certain kind of people before most of my life and to me it's just "normal".
    It's a job-period. Besides,I have more respect for the person than I do for all that other junk that comes along with being a name that the world likes.
    My first believe it or not was when I was about 4-a country singer before she was "anybody"-Reba Mcentire.
    Besides,I'm too old for all that young crazy fan stuff. It also-just doesn't impress me. Wrestlers also are for me-like watching my 3 big brothers wrestle when I was a kid-but was never allowed to participate because I was a girl, or as dad would call it" A YOUNG LADY AND YOUNG LADIES DON'T DO THOSE KINDS OF THINGS" and if I disobeyed-well let's just say punishment left you unable to sit for a time-lol. So, I look at wrestlers like I would look at my big brothers-I admire them and think they're just such cool guys. But when you've been around people that work such popular jobs-for a brief second yeah-it's fun,but then it's kind of like"oh you're here-cool",like a sister talks to her brother almost-lol. But thank you for asking how I was feeling-I'm a little sore,a lot uncomfortable,but I refuse to complain because people have experienced worse-like for instance-STAPLES IN THE HEAD(which I have never had and could never and would never want to experience that kind of pain-lol), or A broken arm-twice-like Triple H, I think this is probably the worst injury I've ever experienced in my whole life-and it will be the first and the last-I guarantee that-lol,but they've got me on some heavy duty pain killers til they get me into surgery and can make the repair-I am a bit scared-the worst surgery I have had is discs in my back sliding out and rupturing-twice-and will soon be going in for a 3rd as I have another disc on the verge of sliding out-but I'm getting use to it and the knees-I've had scraped and cleaned out 3 times, so to me,these are minor surgeries. This what I am having done-I'm scared out of my mind-but I try not to think about it because I don't want to think about it-lol.
    But,it was my own stupidity,and I assumed too much and I should've known better and I was about to give a few certain people whom shall remain nameless-like oh I don't know-CENA,Sheamus,Ryder,and somebody else(he he)-full permission to chew me out because I ignored the "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME" speech because I thought I was invincible and wanted to prove it-lol,but that's what I get for being stupid-next time I will know better-lol.
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  7. Good to hear. Canada is doing fine I suppose.:pity:
  8. Welcome back :yay:
  9. lol @ everyone calling this chick bud and mate
  10. :win: Oh I don't mind-makes me feel like "just one of the guys"-Not a whole lot bothers or gets to me anymore(again Thankyou Punk for that and yes you can thank him for that-lol,I have my reasons,but let's just say one of his episodes with Lawler finally got my head screwed on right and in a way-he helped me break away from a very bad situation that wasn't good for me and now that I am out of it and away from it-I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER-old,but better-lol).
    Besides being in a room with a bunch of guys is like being around my 3 older half brothers- I know what to expect-lol,it's just "Normal" and so far-by what I have seen and heard-you guys act just like them-lol,they would not be surprised in the least and would be very proud as well as pleased-lol. I'm just use to it-lol.
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  11. Haha, nice to know. :smug1:
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