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  1. Thats Right after a LONGGGGGG absence Webx has returned to WWEFORUMS. And yes i know i have alot of people who hate me here but that's Life i will have to forget them and move on to make new Friends i am done fighting and battling everyone here im ready to return to the Original Webx and talk about wwe have fun and show off because thats what i do. Dont like it Sorry About Your Damn Luck. Im done trying to make people like me haterz ganna hate its now about me im looking out for myself and not getting trapped into them childish games any longer other then that IM BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!
  2. Dicktader
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  3. You still owe me betting money Mr. Webx.
  4. Where's the money?
  5. WebX has returned....

  6. Where's Crayo's money?
  7. Why is Jonathan such a douche?
  8. Go back to your Japanese men in tights please.
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  9. Yoshi Tatsu?
  10. I dont know who you are but WELCOME BACK!
  11. No, Jimmy Wang Yang
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  12. Greatest comeback since Lazarus.
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  13. As Adam, I don't know you but welcome home my dear son!
  14. As i still feel that we both Lost that bet im Not Paying Cm punk Nor Cena Won it was a Draw so u dont owe me anything i dont owe you anything now For the next topic :yes::woo:
  15. Then :gtfo: the forum.
  16. You said Punk was to win. He didn't. Pay up.
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  17. Well ur right How ever Cena Didnt Win Either. So if i pay crayo he needs to give me My stuff too r we need to both take a loss Cuz the Match was a Draw so our bet was a Draw
  18. As i said tho Next topic plz. Im ignoring:yes::woo: anyone bout that Draw Bet that i dont owe shit for so im ignoring anything about it starting now :emoji_grin:
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