I'm being deeply unfashionable and posting a review about a 3hr Raw!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. I enjoyed this Monday Night Raw from start to finish. Sure, there were some crap bits, however the show was pretty good aside from that.
    I honestly broke out in a mini celebration when the camera panned to Michael Cole sitting by himself. What better way to start the show than announcing fat Lawler won’t be on commentary?

    The first segment was pretty awesome tonight. Basically Punk coming out and destroying Sheamus with the inevitable backing of the Chicago crowd. I’m sure some will whine that Punk buried the WHC but let’s be honest, like that hasn’t been done already?

    Randy Orton vs Ziggler was fucking awesome for a Raw match. Two quality workers getting circa 10 minutes to work a match is so unusual for Raw. Great to see Ziggler come out on top at the end as well, hopefully a PPV match between the two with Ziggler going over awaits us.

    The Bryan/Kane anger management therapy was absolutely hilarious as well - genuinely started giggling at some parts. When Bryan and Kane just left Harold to fall was brilliant, “I think we finally understand each other” and the Doctor in his camp tone “I think he needs medical attention” was fantastic. They must have hired new script writers for the comedy segments because there has been a significant improvement since Raw 1000.

    Le wild Tensai appearance again tonight for absolutely no apparent reason. Guess they just needed someone to fill in the fourth spot for the tag match in this appalling, generic ‘Heel attempts to take off mask and ultimately fails’ story. Decent match aside from that though.

    I couldn’t help but laugh at the Sheamus/Punk segment where they were meant to have a match. They are trying ridiculously hard to get Sheamus pops, and yet even when Punk is being an unreasonable bitch they still cheers for him and boo Sheamus lol. I honestly have no idea how they are going to fix Sheamus, turning heel is about the only thing he can do.

    Then the most random of replacements as Kurt Swagger randomly appears to face Sheamus. I’m glad that the Chicago crowd decided to shit on the match because it was fucking awful and extremely peculiar.

    Oh and Swagger leaving afterwards was good news. He will hopefully return with a totally new look and do something different because at the moment his future looks bleak. Also AJ claiming that everyone is leaving and mentioning Jericho was err…. Stupid. YOU WERE THE KAYFABE REASON HE WAS FIRED YOU DUMB BITCH.

    These started the trend of bad segments until the final one.

    The Diva’s match was JUST A Diva’s match. Although my prediction is that Eve takes out Kaitlyn and wins the title at NoC. No idea how but that will happen somehow.

    Ryback/Jinder – Care.

    The Bryan/Kane segment was absolutely horrific. The one saving grace was that Miz and Cole were awesome on commentary. Why is Bryan buried even more!?

    Cesaro/Marella – Not ashamed to say I didn’t watch.

    Ryder vs Slater – Utterly pointless other than to keep Chicago happy.

    AJ/Vickie easily the worst segment of the night. Vickie was irritating as hell on the microphone (Yes, I appreciate that is what her job is, but it wasn’t like there was an important face playing off of her, so what’s the point?) even by her standards, and the segment as a whole didn’t achieve anything. AJ basically gets fired if she touches Vickie but Vickie is allowed to slap AJ? Fuck this company :cornette:

    John Cena vs Del Rio was a pretty good match. Enjoyed the brawl of it and was glad it got a decent amount of time and wasn’t just a couple of minutes long with the dramatic finish. Del Rio came out of it looking strong as well which is a plus.

    I think we all knew Punk was going to assault Cena, but I for one didn’t expect Heyman to be the driver at all! Maybe it’s just because it was 6 in the morning but it totally took me by surprise despite the dirtsheet speculation. The two of them are going to be an incredible combination if the mic work is balanced out correctly, with Punk having time to demand respect while Heyman sells him to everyone.

    This entire show was really well balanced and had enough of everything to keep me occupied. It had plenty of wrestling not involving Cena or Sheamus, it had great mic work from Punk and others and it also had a shocking ending. Perfect. This is all we have been asking for for months.


    P.S Any feedback is appreciated, if you TL;DR'd then please state.
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