Im bloody annoyed!!!!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, May 20, 2014.

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  1. Im bloody annoyed Paige losing on her home coming on Raw in London last night was fucking wrong!!!!!!!! she should of won that match and beat Alicia WTF is WWE doing to Paige?
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  2. Making her look like a real competitor instead of some unbelievable phenomenon maybe? Oh, and spoilers, thanks.
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  3. She lost in London, likely the closest show to Norwich so basically her hometown appearance.

    Most of the time, when they make a point of somebody's hometown appearance, that person loses.

    As to the match, it was a good back-and-forth match (a much better match than the one on Raw a week...well, now 8 days....ago) and Paige looked like what she is: an inexperienced person who has just come up to the main roster taking on a person who has been in the company since 2005 and on the main roster since 2009 and is a former Divas Champion.

    Much like any face champ that loses non-title matches, it will all come out okay for her in the blowoff to the feud, where she'll retain. And these matches will make her better as an in-ring performer.

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  4. VINCE IS A BLOODY WANKER!!! :angry:
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  5. Um, losing in her home country to build heat for her opponent, perhaps? It's kind of an old staple in wrestling to job a babyface out in their home town since it's such an easy way for the prevailing heel to get heat on themselves. It's why babyfaces don't exactly have the greatest track record of winning in their home town or country.

    More specifically, it's a way to build Alicia Fox up as the top contender for the Diva's Championship, and having Paige finally fail at pulling out the "one move victory" (and failing in her home land no less) should give her enough incentive to try harder when the championship is actually on the line against Alicia next time (I can picture her giving some type of promo about how she's sorry for letting all her fans down in the UK, blah blah blah.) Plus, as Trips said, actually losing a match for once makes her look human.
  6. Gotta admit this annoyed me as well, just because of how the Divas are booked. It's AJ, Paige, and the "rest of the Divas' Division" who are all a bunch of hapless nobodies. Not only should Paige should not be losing to these nobodies so soon after she debuted, but stuff like this was what derailed AJ's title reign. AJ jobs to a random chick on Raw to beat her on PPV, then repeat every month (insert period joke here). It's a shame to see this cycle continue.

    Maybe Lockard is right, this could give her some character devel.... lets not kid ourselves.

    Still, great to see them try with Alicia. Props for effort and it not being bad stuff at all, but it just seems like too little too late.

    Wait a minute, do we have THREE Divas' feuds going right now?
  7. I dig the loss, it makes her seem less supergirl, which is exactly what needs to happen for a newcomer. You build up a newcomer to be super being and then all the sudden people literally expect them to win everytime. Always nice to shake things up especially to heat up the feud between Alicia and Paige, if Alicia had lost everytime she faced Paige yet they were still planning on that match for Payback then it wouldn't make much sense with Alicia being a #1 contender because she racked up however many losses consecutively. People would be like why is she the #1 contender she's lost soo many matches in a row why not Nikki Bella who seems to be on a roll (ofc she's feuding with Natty it seems temporarily). Idk maybe that's not the exact reason behind it but that's certainly a legitimate reason as to why it happened.

    Don't worry WWE will still be booking Paige like a beast, you can't turn yourself off from a superstar after one non-title loss, shit Sandow has lost like 50 RAW/SD/Main Event matches since he's dropped the case and I still mark like crazy :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
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  8. It's amazing.

  9. She can't win 'em all. Plus, it adds alot of heel heat to Alicia as the contender to the title.
  10. LOL at the dumb ratings on this. You'll ignore this in all likelyness but she's been booked very strongly by the E over the past few weeks so them hitting the gas isn't a bad thing it builds her some nice support and can add depth to her character bar Paige wins. What good would another random TV win do for her?
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  11. :blackshock:

    Logic. Don't confuse the situation with logic.

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  12. I just chose a rating at random turns out you're a winner go Waco. I always want to put a "K" in there lord knows why.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. That works so well with Dangerzone, seriously pat yourself on the back.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. This one's cool.

    I just don't like this one as much for some reason.

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  17. Who cares lol, It's just wrestling for god's sake, calm down girl. You act like someone has died.
  18. I was surprised but it's just to make Fox seem a better challenger for the title, she'll go over Fox when they have a title match.

    Least she isn't on Cena booking any more I guess...
  19. nothing wrong with taking wrestling seriously lad

    its a serious business, we are fighting against the establishmnet. you either become a wrestling fan and take responsibility or you dont, simple as that

    as fans we are representing this great past time, it defines our lives
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