Im bored of Antonio please just strip him of the US title

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. Im bored of Antonio please just strip him of the US title he is boring, stale and is going nowhere
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  2. going further than Mad Ox.
  3. I'm bored of BLFFL please strip her of her awards.
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    I'm bored of BLFFL, so since I personally dislike something, because I don't give two shits what you think, nor do I give a fuck how you feel, it's all about me, because I, ME! don't like it, take her awards away please.

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    Do I really have to defend Antonio? I could pull up all the facts and you still wouldn't care, so what point is there in trying.
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  4. :gtfo:

    Can we disagree any more? Do you ever find yourself hanging out with 10 year old's who are mostly Cena fans? No? GN and her punk crew have you confused?
  5. Pokemon sigs. really.
  6. It's that time of the day again.....
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  7. The children you molest must really hate that song.
  8. FFS BLFFL, Can you agree with us on something?

    Antonio is Awesome and he is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Brad Maddox ever will be.
    and no, I don't have to tell you why...
  9. :vince: why.
  10. They're to scared of my rape suit :maybe:
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  11. You don't know why? :bury::bury::bury::bury:
  12. Tell me again :cornette::cornette:
  13. It probably isnt as much the suit, as in what is hidden inside. Your pocket, not your penis.
  14. Antonio Cesaro is one of the best things going on in the WWE today. Period
  15. Brad Maddox >>> Antonio

    And that is the truth
  16. Closing because of LQ
  17. Opening. It's a thread where we can discuss Antonio Cesaro, that's good.

    Just don't post LQ posts, or your post will be junked and you will be warned. People target BLFFL because her opinions are unpopular, that's not fair.
  18. I personally cannot see how people don't like Cesaro. He puts out great matches like a car factory produces cars, his promos aren't the best but he is far from stale.
  19. It's because her opinions are negatively based and offensive on people who are actually better. Maddox over DZ? KellyKelly being the best diva ever? ....Stripping Cesaro because she sees his winning as stale, even though CM keeps her "satisfied?"

    I reported, but only so i could post the above part.
  20. So? You disagree with her opinion. Opinions can't be wrong. I am a fan of Cesaro but I can 100% tell you that I can easily watch RAW and not be bothered if I miss every single Cesaro segment, they're not drawing me to the show at all.
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