I'm bored so I'm going to review this week's raw!(My first review)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Asskicker, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Alright, bored as hell at 1:08 in the morning on a Wednesday morning, got nothing to do so I'm going to review RAW on here as I watch it to entertain myself :jericho:. I didn't really get to watch most of RAW so might as well watch it completely now. Lets go!

    - Like the new intro for RAW with the WWE now forever thing
    -Blah blah blah I don't care about pyrotechnic fails, let's skip this little recap.
    -I hear Punk's music accompanied by cheers, not surprised, it wasn't a huge heel turn last week.
    -:finger: Cole and his hashtags
    - Some boos, liking it!
    - Finally, no babyface talk from Punk.
    - Uncomfortable? Bullshit!
    - Epic staredown from Punk to Lawler, Lawler shitting in his pants.
    - Sittin' on the announce table like a boss!
    - Punk talking about attention...interesting
    - "Dwayne does what Dwayne does best..." Kiss ass (insert dawg smiley here)
    - Rock = Attention whore according to Punk
    - Going to skip through rest of this because I know what happens
    - Ah, big show, still trying to be relevant :facepalm1:
    - And the crowd goes wild as SuperCena comes to take down the big guy!
    - Cena at 16:26 = COME AT ME BRO!
    - And Punk looks on as the biggest attention ho next to the Rock continues to stay in the ring.
    - AJ omfg so annoying as GM
    - She still looks pretty though (gusta)
    - Big Slow/SuperCena as main event? I know what I'm going to be doing later!
    -ADR and Santino? I'll fast forward to the conclusion.
    - Generic Heel believes he's above people blah blah blah.....Wait.
    - He's not going to be competing until Summerslam? Hell Yeah! (insert yes smiley here)
    - Stupid dancing segment, going to skip to the good part of this
    - I love it when that Sandow theme hits! :sandow:
    - Skipping DX footage.
    - Sandow owning the shit out of Clay? :smashing:
    - Brodus looks a lot more thin than before now? It must be cuz I'm somewhat sleepy.
    - Sandow's theme playing right after he owns Brodus is (so hardcore smiley)
    - Skipping recaps! So many like 4 already!
    - Daniel encounters AJ, here we go.
    - LOL AJ tells Daniel to shut up? Woman go back to the kitchen!
    - Haha at AJ's response to Daniel if it was for the title against Sheamus
    - Another ffin recap :dafuq:
    - Sheamus trying to be cool with Josh Matthews = lame.
    - Watching and loving the Sheamus/Bryan match, such a sick match for just a show and was given adequate time (jericho smiley here)
    - Lame brogue kick finish
    - Bryan is so gold ,"I AM NOT LEAVING THIS RING, UNTIL I GET A DOCTOR!!!"
    - "NO!" = :emoji_grin:AWG:
    - Another dumb early recap.
    - Kofi and R-Truth come for????
    - Kofi talking on the mic to Bryan? :dawg: Don't be silly Kofi, your mic skills still rot.
    - My reaction to Daniel Bryan beating up "little jimmy" =
    Show Spoiler

    - :dawg: who cares about random people touting about RAW? This website will end quicker than Myspace.
    - God AW and the Primetime players entrance = so much win.
    -Titus VS Kofi?
    - Going to actually watch this match, it seems alright :notbad:
    - LOL AW's kobe bryant reference, did he have a mic or something on his collar?
    - Lame kofi comeback
    - LOL OMG :haha: AW throwing his shoe at Kofi saying Yo mama and then running away, priceless!
    - That sit down spinebuster by Titus was beautiful (insert fap smiley here)
    - Ohhh CM Punk apologizing to Cena and then owning him by saying what he did to Rock Cena couldn't do himself in a year :pipebomb:
    - :yay: Randy is back! Clean shaven like a boss!
    - That pop for him was huge!
    - Comes back with a squash
    - That RKO on Slater was beautiful :fap:
    - Didn't enjoy the small Bryan segment so going to skip that
    - The tag team match was awesome, loved all of it, especially how this time the faces cheat for a win. Ziggler was still being a total boss
    - Tyson Kidd and Tensai, here we go.
    - Somebody give this Kidd a push, he is the definition of perfection in a wrestler
    - Tensai beating Tyson too much causes Tyson to win after all? [​IMG]
    - Well Tyson ends up winning so I'm happy.
    - Another Lesnar/HHH promo...
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] The hell, probably the 3rd time it was shown on RAW so far.

    - More boos for Punk :burns: and he joins commentary!
    - Going to listen to the commentary, not watch the match.
    -Very good points by Punk about Rocky.
    - Cena staying on Big Show's back with that expression on his face
    Show Spoiler

    - Lol Punk owning Lawler at commentary :win:
    - :dawg: lol John shaking Big Show's head while he's fading.
    - Cena overselling when Big Show kicks out
    - Time to skip to the main part
    - Jerry = "You're right Punk, (continous jabbering)"
    Punk = "Of course I'm right" :win:
    - I understood why some of you marked out during the commentary of this match, was filled with so much win!
    - Big Show throws Cena at Punk
    - Punk attacks both, predictable.
    - "And the winner of this contest is...nobody, they're both losers." = :true:
    - No no no don't fucking tell me....
    - :facepalm1: I should've seen this coming.
    - Lame ending with AJ being lame and Punk yelling at her about respect and that.

    Overall, this show was a 8.5/10 for me. Just hated AJ as GM and the ending decision about Summerslam. It's going to be so lame (insert upset smiley here).
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  2. Am I the only one not thrilled with how Sandow/Clay went down? I think most people expect that to be a feud now, but I don't see it. People were saying Swagger/Ryback was going to be a feud after that non-match they had, and I think this is the same type of scenario. Yea, it's nice that they are pushing Sandow.. but

    they are basically just burying Clay lmao. Basically 8 months of the same shit every week and maybe 2 mini feuds total. One with Swagger/Ziggler and maybe one I'm forgetting? And now he's just getting the shit kicked out of him by guys like Big Show and Sandow as a ploy to get them over. My guess is he will go away later this year and be repackaged, but that's probably just wishful thinking.

    also Randy Orton sucks
  3. still haven't gotten around to reading this! I WILL READ SOON! i just not in reading mood atm!
  4. I respect your opinion. :obama:
  5. I LIKE IT!
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