I'm convinced that WWE is trying to sabotage WB's career

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. There is no other explanation for how terribly he has been handled since the original Nexus broke up.

    Let's start with the Nexus break up, shall we? Why in the everloving fuck was CM Punk ever inserted into that storyline? We had been treated to 6 months of WB being the evil mastermind badass motherfucker, getting the better of many-a-WWE Superstar (including Yawn See Na, before See Na ultimately buried WB--- literally under a bunch of folding chairs) and the Nexus storyline had already been run into the ground by A.) Them not putting the title on Barrett and B.) Them losing all of the important matches that they should have won. But that is another story. We are talking post Nexus now, after Barrett was completely made to look like a bitch at the hands of CM Punk

    Next they give WB the Corre. On the surface a spin off of Nexus with Slater, Gabriel, and the newly added muscle of Zeke didn't seem so bad-- but boy was it. First off, Zeke is a shithead. Just had to get that out there in case someone hadn't noticed. The Corre theme song was all time terrible. The Corre didn't start off so bad (besides their promos consisting of bla bla bla we are all equals-- that was unbearable). But the idea of throwing the IC belt on Barrett was fine.

    That is the only positive I have to say about the Corre. To call WB's IC Title Reign a disaster would be a borderline compliment compared to what it actually was.

    ***But before I continue on WB's pointless title reign***

    The death of the Corre. I understand the Corre didn't literally die at WM, but they died in my eyes. I was still trying to root for the Corre going into WM 27 because I was a massive Barrett mark at the time. Then the 8 man tag match happened, with Big Show and a bunch of other goons burying the Corre in a 90 second finisher fest . I know I am pretty well known for my hyperbole, but I shit you not that match lasted 1 minute and 35 seconds.

    Speaking of WM 27, that SHOULD have been Barrett's shining moment. You see, it is my belief that the Miz got the title reign that should have gone to WB. Barrett was the best thing in WWE in 2010 and it wasn't even close. He should have taken the belt off of Orton at Survivor Series and carried the strap until Mania. It only makes sense, right? Put the belt on your newest, hottest commodity? But no, we got the Miz vs Cena at Mania instead in one of the worst Main Events I can recall at Mania. But I digress.

    The Corre. WB's IC Title run. What in the fuck. He beat Kofi for the belt. He beat Kofi again. No feud mind you, just random matches. Then they decide to kick Zeke out of the Corre (a good idea for once) and it sets up the one feud of his IC Title run with Zeke. A feud that would go on to make WB look like a complete pussy.

    He challenges Zeke to a match, is getting whooped, and the Corre attack. WB loses, but retains. WB then has another match with Zeke, gets fucked up and counted out. He loses, but retains. He finally loses cleanly, evokes his rematch clause on SD and lost cleanly again. WB ladies and gentleman was completely buried by Ezekial fucking Jackson.

    Then began the Barrett Barrage, the closest thing to decent booking poor Wade has received since the earliest days of Nexus. It started off pretty blandly, he shits on the Corre and says he is going to be running shit. All fine and well. But did he? lol. Guess

    He starts talking shit about MITB. I was CONVINCED. 100%. YOU COULD NOT TELL ME. that WB was't going to win MITB. I felt in my heart of hearts that he had been ROBBED of a WWE Title run in 2010, and thought surely WWE will make it up to him. he will become the evil face of SD and run shit for a while before getting back on Raw to the ME scene there where he belongs. right... right????

    Of course DB went on to win, which in hindsight is fine because obviously they've made a star of the guy. But what became of WB after MITB?????

    Well first WWE gave my balls a little tickle by letting WB go over Bryan cleanly at MITB. But it was nothing more than that. A ball tickling. What did his big win at SS 2011 lead to? Being jobbed out to Sheamus in a retarded minifeud. Lovely

    thus began the barrett barrage, which for months was him squashing Trent Barretta esque jobbers. He then feuded with Orton, won a retarded elimination match at Survivor Series, threw orton down some stairs, and then jobbed to him when he came back. Easily the best thing that's happened to Barrett since Nexus was the ending on SD when he threw Orton down the stairs, but that was forgotten because Orton beat Barrett in the feud blow off.. and he beat him... on SD :eww:

    I mean wtf??? Barrett takes his ass out of action for idr how long, but they can't even put the blow off to that feud on a PPV? Makes no sense.

    Oh and then he was eliminated by Santino at the EC. San. Tino. You can't make this shit up. Then to accelerate this longwinded post he fucks his elbow up, disappears and returns


    some sick ass return vignettes

    OMG we all thought. What could this lead to?!?!? Should be amazing, what a sweet vignette! Back into the abyss to reignite the flame? Fap fap fap.

    And now he is squashing jobbers, has no momentum, and even the most hardcore Barrett marks are left with no explanation and little care for what happens next.

    In addition to his booking it is the simple things that WWe does to him that blow my mind. How hard is it to find this guy a decent theme? If I made a list of the 5 worst themes in WWE over the past two years 3 or 4 of them would belong to WB (or the Corre). And now he is given the LAMEST finisher of all time... and he names it the souvenir.


    Now, even I, the biggest WWE hater around, do not think that there is ANY way for WWE to be this inept. So it is my new belief that WWE for some reason hates WB, and they just want his career to be a major flop. because if this is truly WWE attempting to get him over and give him a successful run.. then even I have underestimated this shithead companies incompetence.

    tl;dr. Just a long rant basically. Fuck you WWE. Sorry about your damn luck, WB.
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  2. Don't know what the hell they're doing with him as of now.
    Only time can tell and these matches with Jobbers aren't helping.
  3. Agree with you D'sZ. Barrett has been horribly handled since Nexus ended. Santino eliminating him at EC was a pathetic display and an embarrassment.
  4. Would it help any if I've always compared Wade to :bury: ? Is it possible :bury: is threatened by Wade's potential?

    I realize this seems unlikely, but if you had told me two years ago Wade would be booked this way I'd say it would be unlikely as well

    It isn't fair of me to judge :bury: but there may be a hint of competitiveness still driving :bury:
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  5. Maybe HHH asked WB to work out with him and he refused. HHH only pushes his gym buddies
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  6. Totally agreeing with this. F**k Creative. Push this man. Push him towards the moon. He doesn't deserve this jobber shit.
  7. I'll be honest... I didn't see the original Nexus angle, since I couldn't be arsed to watch Raw on Youtube at the time after suffering through 2009, and simply refused to buy cable since it's not worth the money (until the local Comcast station gave me a great deal). I followed the angle online, and honestly, the angle completely died imo at Summerslam. The booking after that was ludicrous, with Barrett wasting his guaranteed title cash-in in a 6-man match, and then wasting a obvious Barrett title reign so we could have a laughably inane Cena firing storyline. The only thing Nexus ever accomplished was getting the belt on Miz... Slater and Gabriel becoming 3-time tag champs means less than nothing. The Corre was all about pushing Ezekiel Jackson, which failed to every extent because Ezekiel Jackson is a failure to every extent. (Well, except not being Show or Khali.) And the fact that that faction had the IC and tag straps just showed how useless those belts are.

    He's obviously got charisma, he's tremendous on the mic and has a huge presence about him, but in the ring he really doesn't impress me whatsoever unless he's doing basic beatdown stuff. But that's not important when you're the heat machine that Barrett can be. Sadly, his character is the easiest to get right. You give the guy a serious theme that sounds imposing, let him say serious things on the mic, and let him go out and use his arsenal of power moves to overwhelm his opponents. I have no idea how this is so hard for WWE to do.

    WWE needs to understand that this is 2012 not 1982. Sticking wrestler A vs jobber B does nothing but waste time unless it's someone like Ryback who can be impressive enough to get himself over. Barrett definitely isn't impressing at all in these squashes. After all the ways they try to stick people against jobbers just to steamroll them, the jobbers getting as much offense in as they are makes Barrett look worse. And in 2 weeks, they turned Barrett from "the impressive guy who was on a roll, now with a renewed passion to win the WHC", into complete irrelevance.
  8. Deff agreeing here. But I'm not watching WWE now not just because I'm so busy, but because the storylines are really shit and the three hours are fucking pointless. I'll come back when I see something better going on and when I can actually watch it fully and comfortably.
  9. I agree to some extent that the angle faltered at SS 2010, but it didn't die. It was maybe on life support, but not dead yet. That was my original point about the Nexus booking. They were made to be obsolete because of the booking of their matches. During the build they looked great, but to have a group of 7 randos go over the feature of your show and the hottest angle in wrestling in quite some time.... was laughable.

    When WWE decided it was time for a random Randy Orton feud at NOC a month later, then you knew things weren't going to get better for WB/Nexus. The Orton/Barrett feud was OK, but as I said in my original post the time to strike for WWE was Survivor Series. Because while WB was losing PPV match after PPV match (besides HIAC where he got the cheap win vs Cena) he was still KILLING IT every week on Raw. Remember the days of Raw opening with nexus lined up in the ring and Barrett delivering epic promos? He should have been world champ man. Fuck orton. Fuck Cena. FUck Miz. fuck the world
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  10. Indeed, Barrett's booking has been... horrible. I still have hope that they'll turn around and do something useful and entertaining with him, but up until now they've only done crap with him.
  11. Agree with all. I don't think it's on purpose though, I truly think creative/Vince have just completely fucked up over and over. They had no faith in him in his original run which would have made him a star. No idea why Nexus didn't last longer and wasn't booked better. They should have had every title imaginable. The angle was going towards Nexus vs WWE right? Then why wouldn't you have their actions effect every corner of WWE?

    Meh, The Corre was a joke from the beginning. Everything after Nexus has sucked for Barrett, everything. He isn't going to succeed with his current gimmick either, they'll need to repackage him AGAIN to actually make something of one of the best talents they have.
  12. I wouldn't go that far, WWE creative are just mentally retarded.
    If they really wanted to sabotage him, he'd be in the same boat Alex Riley is in.
  13. This is the absolute worst part. They had 6 months to come up with something for the guy, made a sweet vignette to hype his return, and now, a few weeks into this run, it is already incredibly obvious to anyone with a brain (so this excludes WWE creative obviously) that this shit just isn't going to cut it. So we are stuck with this for God knows how long, and then we will have to wait and see what they come up with for him next.

    Barrett might be open for business, but he isn't going to have a long list of clients.
  14. It's my understanding that if Ziggler (the real one, Ha!) is going to win the world title, he will have to do so through Smackdown's champion. I suppose WWE is being patient with Wade at this point to make room for Ziggler. There are ways around this, but it appears WWE will move forward with Ziggler solely, instead of Wade.

    With the Royal Rumble around the corner, they can still promote Ziggler and Wade prominently (sp). Then again, Ryback is waiting is turn too. :facepalm:
  15. But instead of pushing Ziggler, they make Orton bury him. :downer:
  16. LOL
    wrong thread

  17. Buried?? Dolph Jobler is flying higher than ever! He beat Santino! And Kofi Kingston! nobody beats those two guys!

    WWE Clearly has a ton of confidence in Jobler!
  18. To be honest they could save Barrett if they went with a Paul Heyman stable idea.
  19. :lol1: When he beat Santino and it was sold as if actually mattered it was painful to watch. His match with Kofi was pretty good, but we've seen it many times and it doesn't serve any purpose for Dolph, indeed.
  20. He would probably still be lost in the shuffle. I don't see a point of putting all of the best mic workers into one stable lol. There is only so much air time they will get.

    He just needs to be put into a feud, but I know that is too much to ask for a WWE Mid Carder
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