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*The video opens for the second time within a week to Andersen Vega storming around backstage (apparently he makes it a habit...). He once again pushes past half the production crew but this time barges through a different door, which leads into the catering area. As the camera passes Andersen to stand in front of him, he scans the area, then locks his eyes onto something and makes a beeline. The unfortunate person is revealed to be Jack Rogue, who's carrying a sandwich away from the food counter. He's wearing his ring gear, including his new half-mask and has his eyes set on the exit on the other side of the room. Vega speeds up his walking, then sighs and breaks into an attempted inconspicuous jog. When he sees that Rogue may make the exit before Andersen gets there, Vega calls out*

Andersen: Jack! Get here!

*Rogue stops and stands still for a good five seconds as the entire of catering goes nearly silent and a dozen people simultaneously turn around in their chairs to get a good look at proceedings. Then, Jack slowly turns his head to stare at Andersen, before letting his body follow and walking slowly across catering towards the owner of his contract, stopping about six feet short without speaking*

: I told you after that catastrophe of a sparring session to do my laundry and lo and behold, it isn't done. I told you to order that new ring gear for me and I've heard no word about it, and I told you to be in the locker room when I got here tonight and you're here to stuff your face. Wait, how's that gonna happen if you're forever wearing that stupid little snood? The point is - I'm not going to deal with it - this is your last chance...

Jack: ...until what?

Andersen: Are you losing your mi... are you stupid? Until I fire you, that's what!

: Will you really, though? Would you ever have done?

*By now a crowd has begun to gather to watch the argument, but Rogue and Vega seem oblivious as they attempt to stare holes into one another's faces*

Jack: See this is the kind of thing this change in me, whether you happen to approve of it or not, has helped me to see. It helps me step past the fear, helps me see the bigger picture, and it helps me see through your bullshit. The fact is, even if you decided to be reckless and fire me - which would in no way benefit you, I'd be resigned within a month for a good 80% of the money, probably more since I'm the one with the eyeballs on me right now. *Rogue cackles maniacally, causing looks of surprise from the watching people* So, fire me! Go on, Andy boy! Do it - or are you scared?

Andersen: You still need that punishment, so I'll tell you what... you seem to have forgotten who's boss here. I proved when I first won your contract that I'm the superior competitor - I'm the legend here, wacko! Bonafide, first ballot hall of famer, lest you forget! And seeing as you seem to think you've moved to some "new level" since Hell In A Cell - I want to see it. You'll face me tonight, in that ring. Neither of us have a match, I believe, so let's go. Hell, if you're trying to act like some craaaazy kid, we'll even do it no holds barred. And I'll put you back in your little bitch's place. How's that for scared, Jack?!

*Rogue leans back and howls with laughter, then takes another couple of steps forward to get in the face of his employer*

Jack: If you're going to fuck with this... *Jack gestures to the covering of his mouth* ...then maybe you're the one that's out of your mind. I'll obliterate you, Andersen. You will feel the impact of Annihilation! The glee of tearing you apart, sir, will be euphoric and you will regret your hubris. Hey, seeing as you seem to want to go all in with this, and you're so certain of your superiority and victory, why not put my contract on the line? Or are you scared you'll lose the only thing that makes you relevant in this company - me? Better yet, are you scared that I, let loose, will destroy this place you want to rule? Because I might. Maybe. Who knows - I'm mad out of my dyed ass head, right?!

*Once again, Jack guffaws in Vega's face, before leaning back towards him*

Jack: So - tonight. Andersen Vega vs Jack Rogue. No holds barred, for ownership of my contract. You on, sir?

Andersen: Know what? Fuck you. I tried to do something for you by teaching you to be the best damn thing in this company, but right now I don't even know why. No thanks for my efforts, and no respect for my greatness. You've got your fucking match. I'll war with you tonight and I'll snap you out of this mad trance to put you back where you belong. Or if you're psychopathic enough to outlast me, I'll leave you in the dust to destroy yourself. One way or another, I'm done...

*Andersen steps back and gestures vaguely at the half-mask and all black gear of Rogue*

: ...with this version of you. Because I don't even know what this is, but tonight, I'll annihilate it.

*Vega turns on his heel and storms out of catering through the silent crowd, leaving Jack Rogue staring at his path, a quiet chuckle just audible through his half-mask*

-End of segment-

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