I'm dropping my recent gimmick

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Of being the #1 Player Hater. It was fun for a while, but it's grown tedious. I would rather just be bros again. Apologies to Crayo, who I do grow frustrated with at times but he will always be my top hoe, R'Albin, who has taken my hate well, but most of all apologies to Aids who I know will be crushed by this thread. I hereby relinquish my title of most hatinest hater to Aids, thus bringing things full circle and returning things to normal.

    Note that I won't stop hating altogether.. I will only hate when it is warranted though. No more hating just for the sake of hating.

    peace hoes
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  2. Fuck yes. Back to being the GOAT. Liked.
  3. I honestly expected you to say 'Oh, I thought you meant your TNA mark/WWE hater gimmick' which would spark the millionth debate between us if that is really a gimmick or how I actually feel.

    I think Aids might shed a tear after reading this thread though. He will be heartbroken
  4. :haha:
  5. I nearly did, but that would have ruined the thread :emoji_slight_frown:.

    I'm just looking forward to Aids' tears.
  6. fuck

    he's reading it now

    shits about to hit the fan
  7. He's still reading it after 5 minutes. Is he dead?
  8. So many tears will lube up my penis as i take the champion position. Now i alone will be told everything i say is a gimmick, it's going to be a lot to put up with, but I'm ready.

    Seriously, it was getting kind of outrageous, that chat while trying to watch impact the other day was some of the most annoying shit ive ever put up with, glad to have the HQ champion back.


    I usually last 3-5 minutes, oh baby.
  9. I dont see how it could have gone bad. It's really win/win. Testify goes back to TNA posting a grip, D'Z gets back to possibly dominating WWE, and I get to try to get my shit together for the BITW award. We all win. Except people like Jonathan, fuck Jonathan.

  10. Honestly if the same scenario unfolded this week I would react the same way. No offense to Crayo but I don't want to watch Impact with him anymore than he would want to watch Raw with me. I think we can at least have a mutual understanding that we don't give a fuck about each others opinions when it comes to those two shows at this point.

    He feels how he feels about Raw/Impact and I feel how I feel. We have very different opinions so there is no reason for us to try and debate about them because it will accomplish nothing.
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  11. So true. Though I actually love impact as well. I don't belong in the IWC.
  12. quoted for my sig.
  13. I liked the Randy sin one :sad: No matter how many times I saw it I always got a cheap laugh :((
  14. I saved it, but pretty sure im on randy's ignore, waiting for that one to use on him someday.
  15. Gimmicks are a pain in the ass to maintain on a forum. I lasted like 1 day with mine
  16. Gimmick God.
  17. I am he.
  18. Awesome. Didn't mind the hate for me though as I knew it was jokingly I hope :hmm:

    Anyway, "Jonathan, F*** Jonathan."
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