I'm fed up putting a positive spin on things

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. I just can't be bothered any more. The WWE can't do anything right at the moment and last night epitomized that.

    Brock Triple H is a joke. I complete waste of Brock Lesnar. Last night's result was the worst possible outcome now I think about it because this shit is going to be prolonged. Brock and Heyman have played their roles brilliantly well, it's the WWE and the fact that Triple H is involved are what's letting it down. Even last night, the match was enjoyable but they still found a way to piss me off with their constant, juvenile attempts at one-upping UFC. They are totally different things, just leave it out and stop with the little digs, UFC don't give a fuck about you so why do you care so much about them? Then obviously we're going to have the 3 hour long promo by Triple H while he craves attention from the crowd about his retirement, then we will see this recapped 2000 times for the next however many weeks until their next match.

    I'm also not gonna get excited over Bryan going over Kane. It may have been clean but it was still a cheap victory via a roll up, yeah he looked quite clever but why couldn't he have made him tap out? Scratch that, why was he even facing that washed up fatty in the first place? I'm struggling to get entertained by Bryan which just shows how awful his booking is. Yes he gets TV time which is great, but that TV time is used up with him running around shouting no whilst getting beaten by people who shouldn't be beating him and getting buried by AJ.

    Berto/Sheymoose is going to continue which is horrendous news from my point of view. Yes, the fued has been booked well but I still don't have any interest in either of the characters and guess why that is...Because WWE fucked them up!

    The Big Show dominating the WWE championship match - that's not even worth talking about, you just need to read it and take in the retardedness.

    Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho was the one thing I was enjoying and they managed to fuck that up as well. Dolph Ziggler is currently making the transition from lower carder and being buried by Brodus to World Heavyweight Champ. He has to go over. He absolutely has to. It's the fact it's Chris Jericho as well, a man who absolutely zero credibility. He's barely won in the 6 months he's been here and they decide to have Ziggler be the one to lose to him. Nice one guys.

    But what's pissing me off more than anything at the moment is their inability to stand up for themselves and their employees. Prime Time Playas (Who by the way, should've won the titles last night) were really beginning to build momentum and that's been severely halted with the firing of A.W. He made one remark about Kobe Bryant, which, he should've known better. But any other company in that situation would see that firing him should be avoided if at all possible for the sake of the 2 young guys that are really being boosted by him. Not WWE though, they just fire him and pretend that he never existed. Confiscating the signs was pathetic as well, unless they have something obscene and offensive they should be allowed to keep them. Freedom of speech, no?

    Fred Durst (He still exists!?) gets thrown out for flipping the bird. The pure hypocrisy shown here is embarrassing. DX can tell everyone to suck their cock and that's fine, but oh no, giving the middle finger to the camera is just TOO FAR!!!!

    Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm beginning to lose interest for personal reasons, maybe I'm just getting fed up of wrestling. But WWE is boring me to death at the moment and the pure talent of a few guys are the only thing keeping me interested.
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  2. Agree with Lesnar/Triple H, They were talking about UFC for some fucking reason which annoyed me. But i think Lesnar winning wasn't a bad thing, it's a good thing. :ddp: anyway i don't see why brock would lose, that would defeat the whole purpose of him coming back.

    Bryan/Kane not too excited, since it will probably the next main event of Raw.

    Not going to mention the world championship matches.

    Jericho/Ziggler i enjoyed, probably the best match on the card, Ziggler should've won, then cashed in on Sheamus, how over dolph would be. :mog: I like Jericho better than Ziggler, but Ziggler still should of won, passing of the torch maybe? not anytime soon apparently to the WWE.

    Fred Durst, no idea who he is, and honestly don't care. But did they throw him out, seriously? Punk has sweared alot of times, and they throw him out for the middle finger? :dafuq:

    As for Kofi/Truth, they're terrible. Every match is the same, dominate, then get dominated, tag, clothesline, finisher.

    I enjoyed, Lesnar/HHH and Jericho/Ziggler. But that's about it. One of the biggest PPVs this year and it was horrible. If it keeps going at this rate, i may swap WWE for TNA entirely.
  3. Plus the Brock match set up a way for a younger guy to take out Brock. When H worked his stomach he revealed a weakness.
  4. I did like how they played on the weakness, but Brock isn't gonna put over a younger guy. WWE don't have enough faith in anyone except Punk who's already busy with Cena and Rocky. Barrett would be the only other candidate but neither men could turn face in the next year. Other than that who could face him? They don't have enough face in D-Bry to play that role.
  5. Awesome post, watching WWE is so frustrating right now.

    The only thing I disagree with is the issue with Daniel Bryan winning. Yeah it was a roll-up, but a clean win is a clean win. Every other point was spot-on.
  6. I respectfully disagree Rainman. I do not find it frustrating to watch WWE. People who find watching TV shows frustrating should most likely lower their expectations.
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  7. WWEis probably the only show that completely shuts on their audience/fans.
  8. Lesanr went over HHH cleanly. How this can't be seen as good is beyond me. If the feud continues it does suck but who cares? We're seeing Brock fucking Lesnar, tell me you aren't glued to your seat when you see him.

    Bryan went over Kane CLEANLY after Orton had to win DIRTY to beat him. If this isn't faith in Bryan what is? That's what we want.

    ADR/Sheamus is the best feud in WWE atm so I'm completely lost on your hate on this feud, when the booking has been perfect.

    Dolph/Ziggler has been horribly booked I agree, but the promos and matches make up fort it. It's Dolph and Y2J ffs.

    PTP should have won, I agree. Way more good than bad at this PPV.

    Fred or w.e he's called was a fucking idiot to do that and was rightfully thrown out, despite how hard I marked for it.
  9. Perhaps you shouldn't torture yourself by watching it anymore :hmm:
  10. I get irritated but not frustrated. I'm not going to watch anything that would frustrated me, because it's not worth my time. I don't watch shows I don't like, plain and simple. If WWE was extremely bad then I wouldn't watch it. I got other wrestling companies to watch if I want, I'm not going to watch something I don't want to.
  11. Before I start may I add this was mainly just a vent, I was a little harsh on some things but Summerslam was just such an irritating PPV as I had pretty high expectations for it.

    Yeah but I don't wanna see Brock being wasted on Hunter, as I say this fued is dull as dishwater because of the persistent recaps and Hunter promos.

    Bryan's getting wins which is great, but he's still not booked how he should be. He's a comedy heel which just isn't his schtick. Still, if he starts getting to work with talented wrestlers again then I'm not complaining, Kane's a complete an utter waste of D-Bry though.

    Dolph and Y2J was directed at WWE, not the two guys. They've been perfect. Just victim of some of the worst booking I've ever seen.

    It wasn't even that the bad outweighed the good because I'm not sure it did, but nothing really had me on the edge of my seat. The end of Ziggler Jericho was about it, yeah Fella/Berto was quite a good ending and it got Sheamus boos which was great, but that's about it. The ending to the TT was stupid again as Punk (The supposed heel) was screwed out of victory as since he locked the submission on first.

    Oh and Fred, yeah it was stupid but chucking him out!? Come on !?

    Edited - So many "yeah"s !

    I find it hard to give up on things no matter how bad they are (see Hibs)
  12. A note towards your complaints about Bryan. They are using him like they used Kurt Angle when they started his main event push. Both Angle and Bryan aren't afraid of having a little fun at their own expense yet use their amazing ring skills and characters to get over.
  13. Yeah I see a lot of the Kurt angles about him but he's not as good as Kurt was (from the little I saw), he's amusing but he just runs about shouting no all the time, even he struggles to be funny with that! Though his teaming with Big Show had me lolling.

    Anyway for me he 100% needs to be an aggressive heel. It works so much better for him and less of the comedy crap (See WHC run, though that was coward heel work, he works better when more serious).
  14. I hate HHH too, but Lesnar redeems it. I hated HHH vs Taker but then that match at WM was amazing, I would have not wanted anything different.

    Bryan isn't a comedy heel? He doesn't run from feuds now, he wants to fight any mother fucker he see's because he's constantly angry. The no part is just hilarious and is stupidly over, it'd be foolish for them not to capitalise on it.

    Agreed, Y2J v Dolph booking was retarded, it can redeem itself tonight if Dolph takes him out.

    Ending imo was amazing, I guess that's where we differ. Read my thread in SmackDown about it for more detailed views. I'm personally fed up of faces like Cena, the supermen who when they lose are screwed and when they win it's fair. At least Sheamus HAD to cheat to win, it puts ADR over as a threat. Would you have been mad at the way Eddie Guerrero used to win? The ending was a fantastic way to continue this feud. If Sheamus wins clean, the feud is over. If ADR wins clean, Sheamus looks weak. If ADR wins dirty, it's generic. Perfect imo.

    Fred wasn't chucked out so that's one less thing to be pissed off about :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. i wasnt pissed off with summerslam at all
    cm punk retained (thank fuck)
    cesaro won the us title
    jericho ziggler was good
    bryan beat kane
    brock beat hhh and had a good match (i dont care if you didnt like how they did it it was still good)

    i dont know if fred durst did or didnt get kicked out but i hope he didnt
    i mean he was at wm19 and singing crack addict for fucks sake on a card where stone cold came out and flipped everyone off... so wtf is he gonna think?
  16. This was after I read Albin's comments, shared his disgust, and reacted a little too strongly. After the show I was disappointed, but not as pissed or as frustrated as we said before.
  17. I'm what way too :((

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