I'm going to review Smackdown!

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  1. Okay I'm going to rate Smackdown based on each segment. I watched Smackdown earlier today with @[Cloud] and @[Farooq] so here's what I thought of the show as it went on.

    1. Opening, Booker T is named NEW Smackdown GM. Vince coming out had a pretty good reaction, but not as good since he it's been LONG since he was on SD. So after he comes out, he announces Booker as GM and Booker comes down, talking about how grateful he is for the opportunity until Del Rio comes. At this point, I see no Vince and I'm like lol wtf :haha: where did Vince go? Anyway, Del Rio comes on out and starts cutting the generic heel-kiss ass promo and then they start talking about Sheamus until Sheymoose finally comes out, and cuts a promo on ADR as Booker than assigns them both matches for tonight.

    Reaction. Booker looked weird w/o his glasses, more older than usual. I didn't really spot out or notice anything peculiar or interesting but IMO, Alberto would do so much better as a face, because he got a good pop when he came and said congratulations to Booker for being GM but usually heels don't get that good of pops if they say something appealing to the crowd. Sheymoose is starting to get real over as well with these crowds but mainly, I hated how ADR/Randy was the main event, because Tensai/Sheamus would have been better since it's the champion facing the big Tensai.

    Grade. C+

    2. Tensai VS Sheamus. Tensai comes out and Sheamus and Tensai wrestle a good 10, maybe 15 minute match until Sheamus comes out of no where with a brogue kick and pins Tensai ftw.

    Reaction. I liked this match since even though it was two big, brawling style, wrestlers duking it out, they managed to keep my attention throughout the match. I'm enjoying Tensai so much more when he abuses Sakamoto ever since the news about the Tout from him but in general, it's just hilarious :jeritroll: or else I'm slowly becoming more of a Sheamus mark in ring, he seems to become a little more creative each match he performs in, although he is a big guy so he tends to lose gas quick unlike other wresters, *cough* DZ! Overall, I liked this match just a bit more better than the main event.

    Grade. B-

    3.(skipping short booker segment) Antonio Cesaro Vs Santino in a non-title match. Antonio Cesaro faces Santino in a pretty quick match until Santino hits him with a cobra and pins him but Cesaros feet were by the ropes so Cesaro then eventually wins after hitting his finisher.

    Reaction. Finally, we get to see this guy on TV again! Cesaro seems pretty impressive, although I hate his theme and it doesn't fit him at all lol. Cesaro and Santino have those usual quick but not squash matches and Cesaro ends up winning with that very weird finisher :eww: and ends up taking the win. Santino seems to look more serious as a wrestler now, not looking like a clown today but it seems this match made it official that Cesaro will be a heel.(Didn't really know what he was when he first came).

    Grade. C

    4.The six man tag team match - DBryan, Miz, DZ VS Kane, Christian, and Y2J.
    The match goes on between the two teams with some great action until Y2J locks in the Walls of Jericho but is then distracted by DZ, allowing DBryan to get the roll up.

    Reaction. This match was just as good as the other tag team match on the past RAW, had great time and beautiful action. The storys were being told great in the match and then the classic ending came where WWE decides to have everybody come out and start wrasslin' until it's back to the two legal men in the ring. Y2J locks in the Walls of Jericho and DZ comes with his briefcase towards Y2J and this is the part I loved because Y2J then hits a great codebreaker on DZ after releasing the Walls in such a smooth fashion but then Daniel gets the roll up so I'm still happy and then they show Daniel having a YES/NO contest with the fan that gave me a good lil' chuckle.

    Grade. A-

    5.Ryback VS Jinder Mahal. Ryback goes against Mahal, owning him in a quick bout until Mahal hits Ryback with a mic and then runs away, as Ryback once again wins by DQ.

    Reaction. Loving the Ryback gimmick a lot, and the pre-match promo he cut was impressive, so I believe this character will go huge in time. Jinder Mahal gets owned in the beginning and then resorts to hitting Ryback with a mic and then running away which I thought was funny. Jinder Mahal seems to start getting more over as a midcard heel, and I'm loving the fact that we are getting a good and solid mid-card feud that we haven't gotten in such a long time.

    Grade. B

    6. Darren Young(with AW and Titus) VS R-Truth(with Kofi and Lil' Jimmy). Darren Young and R-Truth compete for a good 3, maybe 4 minutes until intereference by AW and Titus begins, and eventually results in Darren Young getting the win over R-Truth.

    Reaction. This match wasn't anything special, but Darren Young seems to be good in the ring after not watching him for awhile but I enjoyed AW the best out of the whole segment.

    Grade. C

    7. Backstage segment with Cody Rhodes and Booker. Cody Rhodes comes and encounters Booker as GM and they talk for a bit until Booker then books him against Sin Cara for next week.

    Reaction. Liked being able to see Cody, it's been awhile since I've seen him on TV and I'm a big Cody mark so I missed him. Liked how Cody/Cara was booked for next week, kind of excites me for next week :jeritroll: or else Layla looked hot in this segment.

    Grade. C-

    8. Main Event - ADR VS Randy Orton. Randy Orton and ADR go one on one in a pretty good, 10 minute or more bout until Ricardo intereferes and RKO wins by DQ but Sheymoose comes out and feeds ADR to an RKO from Orton.

    Reaction. Pretty entertaining match, missed seeing Randy in the ring after so long, match was good and back and forth. Ricardo interfering kind of killed it but it was good to see ADR getting the best of him but then OH LOOK IT'S SHEYMOOSE :gusta: and he feeds him to Randy for a beautiful RKO to end the show. It seems like nowadays, if there is a Randy Orton M.E. on Smackdown, the show will end that way.

    Grade. B

    My overall rating for this show was a 7.5, enjoyable but nothing really special about it this friday besides the entertainment that we are suppose to get out of a wrestling show.
  2. :obama: Pretty good review. Some parts I dont agree with, but it was a decent show
  3. read it all :emoji_slight_smile: Good review :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Good review man, like the original style of it. I also enjoyed the brawling style of the opening match. Was not such a great fan of the ME as you were though, thought it was a pretty predictable match throughout.
  5. 7.5? You serious?
  6. Really liking the style of the review, nice job man.
  7. What, too light of a rating or too hard of a rating?
  8. I really enjoyed this review. As others said, not sure if I totally agree with it but it has a nice and clean style to it and it was enjoyable to read. :smile:
  9. I only read the ones that had A. Mahal and Ryback better have a good feud. Saw a pic of Mahal knee on Ryback which looked awesome.
  10. he thinks you gave it too good of a rating o3o
  11. Well I am optimistic :pity:
  12. SD was actually alright as Asskicker says, was the first one I've watched since bout April though. Plus watching it with others helped keep it entertaining.

    Agree with this review though maybe just a 7 for me though!

  13. several people on here aren't watching smackdown. probably cause wwe doesnt give people enough reason to watch it.
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