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  1. An unfimiliar theme song plaY's throughout the arena, the crowd don't know how to react as the man walks out on the stage in casual type clothing except and arm band, boots and gloves

    The crowd begin to chant at the man things like 'Who are you' however some cheers are coming through as they remember the man from Japan.
    The man begins to walk down the ramp and up the stairs and into the ring, he begins to pace round the ring and pulls a mic from his trousers and turns it on which has a loud popping sound when he turns it on. He places the mic to his mouth and begins to talk, as the crowd are silent and slightly cheering

    Awww okay, you people don't know me very well I see, well I'll tell you. I'm the guy that won't let wrestling be swarmed with the poison of sports entertainers. I am the guy that Wrestlers as a Wrestler and not an entertainer. In Japan we have a little thing called Strong Style.
    The crowd begin to cheer At Japan and strong style they begin to chant we want strong style and the man embraces the chants, he goes to speak and the crowd begin to cheer louder
    If you don't know what Strong Style is, where have you been? Strong style is the thing that keeps wrestling alive in Japan. I said I was not letting poison of sports entertainers swarm this place and I mean it. My name is Anthony Sharpe and the fact of the matter is Strong style lives in me. And I'm gonna rid of the poison.
    The crowd cheer louder and louder as the man begins to leave
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