I'm Improving Health; Need Suggestions!

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  1. Alright mofos, I've lately decided to make some life changes because over the past few years I feel like I've been very unhealthy and I want to live a long time so I want to treat my body right.. Well over the past like 13 days I've been developing a dietary plan as well as a workout regimen.

    Anyway the dietary plan I have calls for two snacking sessions per day and I've gotten a few things written down to have but I'm looking for more suggestions regarding either fruit/vegetable related snack.

    Also I have a few "guilty" segments scheduled throughout the week where I will do my marijuana related activities and would like to have some not necissarily healthy but like reduced fat/low fat snacks (crackers/cheez-it's type deal) that have decent taste to them but are also more healthy than like Ruffles or like Cheetohs or something like that you know.

    Lastly I've been doing some light research regarding Smartphone Apps that are free that would be helpful during this process whether it be workout related; dietary related or helpful in anyway to helping my health and well being.

    Hook it up with ideas pleasee! Any helpful suggestions would be much appreciated.
  2. Get some organic chia seeds, put them on everything. You can even put them in drinks. They don't taste like anything. They have amazing health benefits and help people lose weight. Stay away from anything marketed for weight loss or "healthy" or "low fat"... That crap has horrible chemicals in it.

    If you want to drop weight fast and healthy... Eat eggs everyday, scrambles in olive oil with sea salt and chia seeds. Replace most of your bread/pasta/rice stuff with beans and veggies. Avocados are amazing for healthy fat if you like them. I can eat them with just sea salt. If you are a carb nazi like me, stick to organic white and brown rice and stay away from bread and pasta. Make sure it is organic, most is GMO free. You don't want to be eating rice grown in old cotton fields. That crap causes diabetes.

    Drink tea every morning with raw honey and cinnamon. Just plain cinnamon, no sugar!! Only use organic raw honey, it should look like transparent butter. The cinnamon will make it hard to drink so you may want to get raw honey with cinnamon in it already.

    Don't worry about cardio, just keep moving. Don't sit too long. Try to make a point to not be sitting still for more than 20-30 minutes. Focus on strength training. Cardio is a buncha bull crap. It ages your heart. The human body was designed to be in movement, not be strained and over worked. If you want to do some type of cardio, I only recommend using a rebounder. It will cleanse your lymp system and level out circulation. I love mine! haha It is just a mini trampoline.
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  3. Thanks for the information; I will be doing some reading up on these 'organic chia seeds' whenever I get back from my haircut appointment later.

    What's the part about the tea about; is that more just an alternative thing if I'm a coffee drinker? I'm not knocking it I'm more curious because if there's more to it than just that I will definitely have to look into that as well.

    I've read that about cardio a few times, never really knew if their was truth to it. What kind of strength training do you recommend for beginners and then I guess the follow up what kind of strength training for intermediate excercise?
  4. I'm also on a diet at the moment, and I know everyone is different, but what has worked for me is eating 2 larger meals (10-11 AM and about 4:00-5:00 PM) and then a few light snacks for breakfast and throughout the day. I'd also recommend not eating past 7 or 8, as you probably won't be able to lose the calories and fat gained after that meal.

    Also, I wouldn't consider this a snack, but if you need something light with fruit, get a juicer and a recipe book. You can make all sorts of smoothies full of vitamins that'll help, and probably taste good.

    And lastly, for working out. I've approached this two different ways. At first, I warmed up by running a mile on a treadmill at the gym, and then lifted weights, targeting a certain body part every day. I did this during week days, and then over the weekend instead of getting to the gym I swam for long periods of time. It worked pretty well, as I lost about 10 lbs in a few weeks while gaining muscle and boosted my metabolism. Due to school-related reasons, I've been unable to get to the gym, so I just cut down on calories and fat and swam almost everyday. This also worked, but it has been less effective.

    I'd suggest using something from what I said, but it may not work as well as it did for me.
  5. @Crayo get in here

    He's our resident gym/health freak, he'll sort you out.
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  6. Crayo recommends eating pasties, running on beaches and humping husky Scottish men.
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  7. Set a workout plan. Plan beforehand what you are going to work on during each session, be it an overall workout or specific body part.
    I work out five days a week for 45-an hour each session. Two days are spent on cardio, either running, cycling or some for of cardio session at the gym like spinning. The other three I spend on the weights, alternating between what muscle groups I am working on (legs, arms, neck&shoulder, the usuals).

    As for diet. For me I have not really cut anything out completely, rather I have moderated how much of it I eat. I haven't cut carbs out of my diet, but I eat smaller servings of the carbs. More veggies, more meat. I also regulate my servings a lot more and that helps a lot. Same with soft drinks and snacks. Keep the amount you drink and eat in check. I don't eat chips or candy during the weekdays or drink sodas with sugar. I have a specific day for that (saturday). IF I drink a soda during any other day it is either mineral water or a diet one (studies has proven that as long as you don't drink 4 liters of artificial sweetner a day and don't just slouch around, you'll be fine since working out helps the body break it down, just like a natural sweetner.) Also eat at regular intervals, an awkward schedule for when the body gets nutrition upsets it.

    But the key is finding a system that works for you.
  8. Try kettle bells also as part of your routine.
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  9. Kettlebells are grand.
  10. I kind of dig the balance work with them as it takes momentum away so you really have to work. An example would be one legged rows. Keep it light to get your balance in and it works incredibly well.
  11. The tea thing helps with weight loss. It is more about the raw honey and cinnamon combo. The tea itself doesn't matter. And for exercise, do body weight resistance. You basically use you own weight to build muscle. So do like squats, push ups, crunches, things of that nature. Once they seem easy, then you can add in weights. I can do 1000 straight crunches, you pretty much get past the burn and it don't hurt anymore but you will feel like you got your butt kicked the next day. lol but I can't do push ups for the life of me. hahaha If you can swing it, buy a rebounder and do that 30 minutes a day three times a week. the other days do the strength training. You don't have to get fancy. Getting in shape is easy, it is maintaining or growing mass muscle that is hard. Just do whatever you are comfortable with. If you over tear the muscle or over work it, it won't grow. Keep that in mind. The healing process is what makes muscles grow.
  12. I use them a lot when working on my core, stomach and back. Momentum gives you that extra boost I feel. Also the grip on a kettlebell is much better suited for it than say a dumbbell.
  13. Swings? They need momentum to work due to the hip snapping you have to do, on rows I always felt I was cheating myself. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  14. I like a bit of swinging :ksi:
  15. it's yersel
  16. Depends what your intentions are. Are you hoping to cut significant weight? Is it simply a case of wanting to feel healthier to improve your chances of living longer? Both of them require dietary plans, but the latter is much more flexible. If weight cutting is involved then the amount of cheat sessions you have isn't really acceptable, lol.
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  17. No offense to Brit, but the tea is important.

    Black, green, or white tea are all acceptable, but it really depends on what you want. Green tea has more antioxidants in it while white tea has the most antioxidants (antioxidants are basically anti-cancer treatments and they're in a lot of things....if you're putting cinnamon in your tea, it really doesn't matter which tea, as cinnamon has more antioxidants than any type of tea and antioxidants don't get stronger by taking in more of them). Black tea with wild honey (watch the honey amount, no more than a teaspoon in a 16-20 oz. glass, half a teaspoon in a coffee/tea cup if you're drinking it hot) and cinnamon is a good combo (I like Irish Breakfast or Prince of Wales for the flavor, but English Breakfast is good, too.....if you're in America (I can't keep up with where everyone's from), you'd probably have to order Irish Breakfast or Prince of Wales from Twinings, but you can find English Breakfast at just about any grocery store; failing that, just get Lipton tea bags.

    As for sugar, well, the First Lady disagrees with me (and my doctor and my ortho/podiatrist (who's a diabetes expert), and my infectious disease guy (who also is a diabetes expert)), there's nothing wrong with using a controlled amount of sugar. The point is not overdoing it with sugar, just like alcohol.

    Count your carbs. Talk to your doctor. He/she might hook you up with a nutritionist, who can do a work up for you with how many carbs per meal and per day you should eat. I have diabetes (well under control since my accident and the attendant infections) and have a carb limit, but it becomes easy to manage when you know what your limits are and how you can meet them without going over while still getting the necessary carbs your body needs.

    You also want to get a good 45 - 60 minutes (at least) once a day of solid exercise. That's where good cardio comes in. Getting your heartbeat up and getting a good sweat in 4 or 5 days a week is extremely important, even if you only lift weights (if you lift weights) two or three days a week.

    Finally, like Crayo said, it really depends on what you're "improving health" for. It's really not a good idea to try to cut weight quickly, but to gradually bring your weight down (if that's your goal) in a controlled manner. That also makes it easier to maintain weight once you've gotten it to where you want it. If you just want to live healthily, moderation is basically the key....except in sex. Sex is good for you (in a protected, controlled, safe manner and a monogamous relationship....there's more to being healthy than just your physical health). It's a particularly good aerobic exercise.

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  18. I'd like to sit here and quote all of you all; I've been reading this thoroughly and taking all of your suggestions into account.. I'll address a few ppl though whom I have further inquires..
    Well I'm 6'0 and I'd say a little under 275 (273 last measured) so yeah i'm looking to cut at least 30 lbs by like the end of the year, or at least turn half of it into muscle while still losing half.. if that makes any sense.

    The Cheat sessions are more just like still counting calories not going completely over or even touching my daily counted limit but not necessarily eating the same healthy foods I would eat the rest of the week and I had it scheduled for once per like 10 days.. and it would only be one meal that was 'tampered' :emoji_slight_smile:

    And yes I am also wanting to feel healthier in order to improve my chances of living longer.

    If you or anyone has the time to help me create some sort of basic outline for a dietary plan I would much appreciate it.. Normally I would contact a consultant but between purchasing the healthier foods for me as well as investing in other beneficial stuff to the whole crusade money isn't really able to be spent on professional consulting.. Or maybe you can point me in the direction of ones already established based on certain types of food, I tried looking at all the popular ones (ie: Atkins) and there was somethings that I could pull out of it but I'm definitely trying to avoid red meat as apart of the whole thing; soda/pop as well and then candy.

    Fair enough; will definitely have to invest.. I've already took the time to research and then decided to purchase those organic chia seeds (friend works as a manager at Whole Foods Market here and was able to swing me a 25% discount so they were relatively cheap in comparison to some of the bulk pricing I could've got online.. and definitely cheaper than other stores..

    I have to ask this about the strength training and this isn't directly for you but you may be able to help.. there comes a few days where I'll have to find other strength sizes that don't require any bending forward or strain on my chest; my xiphoid process sticks out a bit and that area can sometimes develop tenderness or a bump.

    This whole thing started because I wanted to quit smoking and then I got sick with the stomach flu and had already lost weight from that and felt good after my strength was all recovered because I was 13 lbs less and could tell for sure.. plus turning 23 years old on Sunday this week so I'm not necessarily getting any younger and have lived a decent portion of my latter life unhealthy so better change things now rather than later when it could be too late.
  19. Just do whatever is comfortable. You don't want to strain your body. Yoga is a great alternative for building strength and depending on what you use, it can kick your butt and really build up good muscle and strength. DDP yoga made me feel like I got hit by a car. lmao
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