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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by JohnCena:), Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. John cena :emoji_slight_smile:
    12 years
    John cena
    i have been watching to wwe for 6 months
    Lackin referd me
  2. What does 9 and 6 months mean?
  3. i forgot to add the reason
  4. Age and how long he's been a wrestling fan probably.

    Welcome to the forums bud, you'll have a great time around here.
  5. i got a laptop today for my b'day and my cousin -Lackin- refferd me to the site
  6. Welcome to the forum! hope you enjoy it :emoji_grin:
  7. :terry: very nice
  8. hey up harry
  9. Once again, welcome to the forum.
  10. Welcome to the forum mate :emoji_slight_smile:.
  11. Hey, how you doing?
  12. Welcome to the forums kiddo. Don't hesitate about asking for help with stuff.
  13. Welcome. I hope you're not weird like your cousin.
  14. im not weird
  15. You've only been watching for six months?! Allow me to get you up to speed.

    Hulk Hogan dominated the 80's as a face. His most famed rivalries are the ones with Andre the Giant and Iron Sheik. He once formed a team with the guy who was the second in star power faces, Macho Man "Randy Savage" . That tag team was called the Mega Powers which disbanded when Macho Man went heel. After that they feuded and Hogan got the WWE title back. Ultimate Warrior was suppose to take over when Hogan lost, but money issues made that idea short lived.

    As we transition into the 90's there were a few title changes and Ric Flair held it the most during that time period. Then Bret Hart (debatably) becomes the main guy. The main title changes were between him, shawn, and taker. Then there was the Montreal Screwjob, where Bret was screwed out of the title because Vince McMahon was afraid of him leaving with the title. Although there is speculation that Bret and Vince had arranged for Triple H to interfere and they would play it like that, but of course it didn't. Bret went on to WCW (where his career would be killed by Goldberg years later). At this time do to a back injury and drug problems Michaels lost the belt to Stone Cold Steve Austin and left.

    The the Attitude Era comes into play where we have four main guys who are always in contention for the WWE title. Those four are Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, and Mankind. The main feuds seem to revolve around them, with a few title changes with Big Show & Undertaker. This was also when there was more edgier TV. Feuds were more violent and (I hate to use the word) vulgar, yet entertaining. The best feuds of that era were Austin/McMahon, Austin/Rock, Rock/Mankind, Mankind/Triple H, and Austin/Taker. Later in this era we'll see superstars like Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, and Kurt Angle pop up. The last prominent feud of this era would probably have to be the invasion. It featured WCW and ECW coming into WWE. WWE of course won the feud.

    This brings us into the Ruthless Aggression era. Stone Cold left because of creative issues with Vince and an injury. The Rock goes on to make movies. I don't even know what happened to Mankind. The title is bounced around between Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, and Undertaker. The main guy would probably have to be Lesnar. He was pushed to the top in a very short amount of time because the top two guys (Rock & Austin) had left without anyone with a high enough fan base to replace them. Raw and Smackdown are split into two separate brands. Eric Bishoff from WCW takes over Raw and a variety of general managers take over Smackdown, from Paul Heyman to Teddy Long. Over on Raw, Triple H forms Evolution with Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton. They dominate Raw for an long period of time and so due to the dullness of Triple H's weeklu speeches I become a Smackdown guy, so someone else can fill you in on Raw History of that period. Over on Smackdown we see the rise of superstars such as Eddie Guerrero and JBL. JBL has the longest and (in my opinion) one of the most boring title runs. It was so boring that when John Cena took the WWE title for the first time most of us (as much as we try to hide it) became Cena fans, hoisting him up to where he is today. Note: John Cena was a much better wrestler during that time period, idk what has happened to him. Cena is eventually drafted to Raw and he has feuds with everyone and beats them all, becoming the modern day Hulk Hogan.

    I'm going to skip a few years because most of it is Cena winning. The PG era is born in 08' and wrestling gets toned down drastically. The main feuds are Cena/Orton, Cena/Batista, Cena/Punk, Cena/Nexus and Cena/Rock. Really quickly Nexus was a group of new superstars who tore shit up on Raw, but was defeated by Superma- I mean John Cena. They were reformed as the New Nexus with Punk, but that idea was discarded when Punk turned into who he is today. In the summer of '11 Punk airs some of issues with WWE and he gains a huge fan base because of it. Punk then gains the WWE title and is still holding it as you know. I won't bother to mention Cena/Rock because that's not over yet, so you'll get educated.

    You're Welcome :sandow:
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