I'm not a fan of Team Rhodes Scholars

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. They just look like another team where they've shoved superstar A with superstar B. They could both flourish in singles competition but that's not even why I'm against it, they just don't look like a team. Bryan and Kane were shoved together people could argue but they had history together, and they're so unique that it just works, it clicks. Can any of you really say these two click? Do you enjoy them as a tag-team?
  2. Saw them on SD last week or some catch up show and hated it just doesn't work as a team. Kane an D-Bry is brill cause of the fact they shouldn't work they don't work but in ring they do it's great viewing watching how volatile the team is back stage etc... . Where with Cody and Sandow i was just like meh who cares there was something missing.
  3. I think Rhodes looks really awkward in the group, definitely. I'm nor sure what it is, they maybe need to let him talk more or what it is.

    The match on Sunday could well steal the show. Should be awesome.
  4. It should do well because all the wrestlers involved are great, but I just think a feud against PTP would have been perhaps better to watch outside the ring. Rhodes Scholars are fantastic promo cutters, but it's hard to believe that they are a good team and get on outside the ring, which I do think is needed with tag-teams.
  5. Like the name though.
  6. I like them. That's all I have to say.
  7. Despite them both being great at promos this is a bad bad idea as it imo devalues Cody and does nothing for Sandow.

    Cody was IC champ ffs and on his way and Sandow is still fairly new.

    Yup boost for Sandow but it doesn't work they don't fit.

    For a tag u need to either be dysfunctional or buddies neither of which comes across so it sucks in a big way.

  8. I like the members, just not the team.
    They were pretty much thrown together like Kofi and Truth. Unless the plan was the Mexicans Vs. The Africans.
  9. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk: HE KNOWS THE PLAN!!! :bury:

    I don't mind them. Currently there is nothing in the Main Event scene for Rhodes, since Ziggler is hovering over it with his briefcase, so I'm okay with this idea, they could have had a better spot for him, but he's getting in ring with the best wrestler WWE has and is cutting some good promos, so it doesn't bother me. And Damien is new, so this is just a slight step up from where he was, I wish he would have gotten to be in an Intercontinental championship feud, but at least he's getting some screen time.
  10. I think it's just a temporary thing, so I'm OK with it. We're seeing (relatively) relevant wrestlers in the tag division, Sandow and Rhodes are getting some exposure and since I don't think it'll last that long it's OK.
  11. Nope, not a fan either..

    It just doesn't work. They could have all the chemistry they want, but they are both singles competition wrestlers.

    It just doesn't work out..
  12. What he said is so :true:
  13. This.

    Though I do agree that they'd be better off as singles competitors. But they aren't bad as a team, idk, I like them.

  14. It makes sense, Rhodes seemed like the most intelligent character on the show last year. But I'd much rather have them in separate feuds right now. Team Hell No has become must-see TV by themselves and their dynamic can make any feud work, so why not have seperate feuds for both Rhodes and Sandow so we get 3 segments of gold instead of just 1?

    Oh, wait, this is WWE...
  15. I love to hate The Rhods Scholars. | enjoy their matches even if i want them to lose them all. They are a good team together with a lot of chemistry and charisma and probably be tag team champions in the near future .
  16. See, I don't see the chemistry at all personally. They are being booked strong though.
  17. They are certainly booked strongly and seem the best pairing of all the heel tag teams at the moment. The prime Time players I personally find them dull and Epico and Primo wrestle well but have no personality. I think the WWE needs more heel tag teams on Raw and Smackdown
  18. I don't enjoy them at all.. They think they put on a show.. :bury:
  19. To be honest they need to call up The Ascention from NXT.
  20. I think they're perfectly fine although they do look odd together they're just a tag team that I think is a great addition to the division. Team Rhodes Scholars are great on the mic and are talented in the ring, defiantly.
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