Money in the Bank I'm not happy with Alexa Bliss winning the RAW Women's Championship at Money In The Bank last night

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by jminter2698, Jun 18, 2018.

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  1. I liked the match with Ronda Rousey versus Nia Jax before Bliss got involved in it (yes I know the rules of the ladder match state that whoever wins the briefcase gets a championship match at any time) and it was smart of Alexa to do it as soon as she got the chance, and I knew Ronda Rousey wasn't going to win that title this early in her WWE career, since she's still a rookie. But I'm still not happy with Alexa being the RAW Women's Champion again, because that means we have to sit through 20 minutes of her running her mouth on RAW about how she's "The Goddess Of The WWE" and "Little Miss Bliss" and how she took advantage of her Money In The Bank title shot and blah blah blah. I did like how Rousey won without getting pinned but it should've been Nia Jax who beat Bliss (since she's already been beaten before).
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I am happy. Good twist and she’s hot as fuck.
  4. Is that the only reason why you like her ?
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  5. Bro it's so obvious they only did this so Rousey can squash Bliss without taking Nia's legitimacy which is too late since she tapped her out before the pay per view
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  6. Well...Gee... If u like her so Much, Why don't you go to a Show and ask Her out?
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  7. Haha! Apparently So. Can't imagine any other reason why he'd like her. Lol
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  8. I have two conflicting opinions about this:

    One on hand, her cash in basically got them out of the hole they got in with Ronda and Nia with Nia having a weird flip-flop character as of late and needing to keep some aura of being a tough to beat woman, and Ronda losing a singles debut because she ain't ready for the title without at least a little more build. Alexa, she's reliable and a top heel and tbf, we'd all love to see Ronda crushing her. Just what hurt Alexa was the poor booking of her Bayley feud in her being too much of a bully and not getting some karma, even if it didn't result in her dropping the belt (and hurt Bayley too, especially her D: )

    Just the issue comes with Alexa being the top female heel on Raw for over a year and a need for a change of pace. I don't hate her like everyone else, I'm just a little tired of her and need some time away with her in a mid-card women's feud may be on TV (maybe with Ember Moon :O). They could have done Natalya turning her back on her friend, but she only turned face again months earlier. However, it still could have been something new and Natalya is great in the ring. Just too bad character-wise and drawing heat, Alexa is FAR better at it.

    So I am more neutral on it. Got them out of one corner, but does have challenges. If it is short-term until Summerslam at the latest, fine. More long term, kinda bleh.

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  9. Yes, dat ass doe
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  10. I don't like Bliss, but I like what happened. They really couldn't have Ronda win so early and Nia Jax has been confused as champion.

    Plus, the attack set up the opening segment of Raw which was freaking awesome. I'll take Alexa as champ to have Ronda destroy her like that.
  11. I'm happy with it I'm from Ohio and so is Bliss I support my natives... Hell she's done better than any main Ohio sports team ever will! As an ohioan I'm proud of her putting this state back on the map.. People who only like Bliss for looks are fucked up.. Best mic skills of any women in WWE today.. But this is just my opinion
  12. Who better then Ronda to shut her bitch mouth up? Good desicion. Better then Natalya. Now Ronda has a great heel to overcome
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  13. Bliss Really Annoys Me When She Talks, But I Won't Deny Her Talent And Mic Skills, It's Just A Thing With Me Personally. But Even I Have To Admit, That Cash-In Was Pretty Freaking Awesome!
  14. Ugh...

    The main problem I have with Alexa Bitch is she
    is booked like a woman who is a foot taller with
    actual wrestling talent.

    Her mic skills, appearance & merch sales aside...
    she has been so heavily protected that its almost
    a joke at this point.

    Seriously WWE...she doesn't even have the mat
    skills or in-ring speed to warrant such a successful
    record on the main roster.

    When the company originally started pushing her
    I thought it was great because the company needs
    to push new talent...but now its reaching Roman
    Reigns levels of ridiculousness...but at least Roman
    can actually wrestle.


    No wonder people are beginning to think she's sucking
    her push out of an important person's dick.

    My own personal opinion is that a performer's in-ring
    talent should come before anything else...but that is
    not how the WWE's women's division is being booked...
    and apparently it never has least according
    to some around here.

    Women with true wrestling talent like Becky Lynch,
    Sasha Banks & now Asuka (seriously WWE Fuck You!)
    are having to put over women like Alexa & Carmella
    who are basically Divas...not female wrestlers.

    I don't care if Alexa & Carmella can "act" because in
    my opinion they can't they aren't worth
    shit to me.

    Seriously...Charlotte vs. Asuka...once...
    Alexa vs. Nia...4 fucking times?!

    Its just fucking wrong...

    The constant Alexa Bliss push & the booking at MitB
    in all 3 women's matches basically broke me as far
    as wrestling goes.

    It was literally the worst booking that could have happened
    for the entire division...Alexa Bliss & Carmella as Champions...

    Its Fucking Pathetic...

    I no longer watch the WWE (apart from downloading
    & skimming through NXT every week) or any other wrestling
    because of it.

    I no longer care about wrestling because of Alexa Bliss &
    her constant push...but that's just my opinion.

    If you're happy to watch a tiny woman with no in-ring skills
    dominate larger & more skilled opponents...then
    enjoy that.

    I won't waste my time watching any of that bullshit or listening
    to people trying to convince me why its "great booking" & "makes
    perfect sense"

    I'm actually enjoying my life more without watching the WWE
    main I guess everything worked out for the best.
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  15. I wouldn't mind Alexa if she cheats to win, but she is being booked like she can actually be competitive in the ring with a woman who is apparently over 205 pounds. Bullshit. She is probably going to have a competitive match with Ronda for some reason.
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  16. give my ruby riott the title thanks
  17. I Honestly Don't Think She's A Bad Wrestler, Not At All, It's Just That She's Not Nearly On The Level Of The People That Have Been Putting Her Over! She Has Literally Buried 3 Of The 4 Horsewomen At This Point! It's Gotten So Bad That I Have Not Been Able To Go Back And Watch Any Of Alexa Bliss's Matches With Bayley, Even The One At Payback That I Heard A Lot Of People Loved.

    It Is Time For WWE To Give Somebody Else A Try, Have Alexa Beat Nia At Extreme Rules, Then Have Her Get Her Arm Torn Off At SummerSlam By Ronda, And Get Her Out Of The Title Scene For A While.
  18. None of them can cut promos. Learn to work the mic and you'll be amazed how successful these women would be.. The fact Alexa can cut promos makes her more valuable than all of the women.
  19. So why is Mickie hanging around her? Its never been explained
  20. Mickie needed a partner in the elimination chamber as her and Alexa were the odd ones out. She has been with her ever since for some reason. Maybe Mickie likes Alexa