I'm not sure what to think of this girl...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. Every once in a while I Youtube hop videos. I ended up on this one girl's video and I thought it was fake but it isn't. I never heard of her before but apparently, she suffers from an eating disorder and lies about it. What makes this worse is that a lot of her fans are little girls who idolize her.

    I am not sure if she has a medical condition or a mental one but she clearly isn't healthy. She wears fake hair which leads me to believe she DOES have a medical condition and she is covering it up. Yet at the same time, she may just be so malnourished that her hair fell out or thinned. I really know nothing about her.

    I am not posting this for you all to go all gun-ho and judge her, but I want your honest opinions... If this was your daughter, your sister, your friend... Wouldn't you say/do something and try to help her? I don't understand that if this is indeed an eating disorder, why her mother (who is in some of the videos) isn't helping her. I think she is like 18 to 20 in age.

    This is her channel --> Eugenia Cooney
  2. She's clearly dangerously underweight. Body acceptance is becoming dangerous, I'm all for being comfortable in your own skin but if you're underweight or overweight then you should be actively trying to resolve that because of the impacts on your health and being a "role model" only encourages people to accept the way they are even if its not healthy. I want people to be happy in their own skin for sure but if its affecting your health deal with it and don't influence other people to follow the same path.

    In case this is taken out of context, I don't disagree with body acceptance because if you have acne or bad teeth or whatever that is that is just superficial and you should feel happy about yourself but if it affects your health you need to sort that out.
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  3. Also this whole "I'm overweight so I'm going to shame skinny people on facebook to make myself feel better" is fucking pathetic.
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  4. Wish she was in my family tbqh.
  5. ofc shadow says that
  6. I agree. I want people to be happy and healthy. You can be thin and healthy and you can be chubby and healthy but being severely underweight or severely over weight should not be taught to be a good thing.
  7. You'd feed her some southern food huh? I wanted to make a few jokes here but I stopped myself because I do feel bad for her.
  8. Its a real dilemma we're stuck in, I hope it will balance itself out but seeing severely overweight people get TV shows and praised for being brave is absurd and its the same for the other side. Its the same as that Teen Mom show, what kind of example is it to set that if you get pregnant at 16 you'll get a TV show, a nice partner and a porn deal? Especially when America is deciding to cut funding to prevent teenage birth control, its so ridiculous to me. I'm not saying the UK is perfect and its probably just ignorance than anything but it never seems that way over here but I could be completely ignorant. Then again our PM wants rid of the Human Rights act and our Secretary of State got stuck ziplining while holding UK Flags.
  9. A lot of the issues in America deal with money, marketing, and using hot-button issues in the process. People would like to think that these large groups care about women safety, gay rights, positive body image, ect but they don't. They pretend to care because that is what is in the media. It is sad. This is not to take away from the legit organizations out there, but they are few and far between these days. If you want to donate anything or help a cause, best to keep it as local as possible.

    And I get what you are saying. America is a mess when it comes to the entertainment industry.
  10. No one to blame but the Jews.
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  11. ...why? Why would you want to be that small, why would anyone allow it? I mean...if she's happy like that fuck it more power to her.
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