I'm planning to make a dvd of the best WWE matches ever

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  1. Just for my own leisure.. I check the matches on youtube and download them , as well as most of the build of those matches (See MITB ) .

    So far..Ive chose this ones.

    Over the Limit 2012 Bryan vs Punk
    WM 25 Taker vs Michaels
    WM 26 Taker vs Michaels

    I would like you to post here your top 5 matches so I can add them to my DVD.
  2. 1) Punk/Cena MITB '11
    2) Austin/McMahon (build mainly :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)
    3) Lesnar/Cena (Extreme Rules '12)
    4) Edge/Foley (Mania '22. I remember watching this live. What a bloodbath :emoji_heart_eyes:
    5) Taker/HBK (Bad Blood '97 Hell in a Cell Match)
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  3. so many matchest to chioce from! :yay:
  4. Punk,Randy Savage... give me your favs matches
  5. CM Punk vs. cena mitb of 2011, Savage vs. Ted T. for the WWE Champion WM 4, Stone Cold vs. HBK for the WWE Champion at WM14!
  6. Savage vs Steamboat for the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania 3. Best match to ever take place at a Wrestlemania.
  7. Jericho vs Benoit RR 2001, Steamboat vs Savage, Austin vs Rock WM 17, Angle vs Brock (WM 19 & Smackdown Ironman), Rock vs HHH Judgement Day, HBK Vs Bret Ironman, HBK Vs Razor Ramon (WM Ladder match), HBK vs Mankind (mind games).
  8. Depends on how you look at it. I've never seen it, but apparently watching it now it doesn't hold up that well, but at the time it was incredible. There will have been a tonne of better matches since then I'd imagine.

    Oh, and it's not one of the best matches ever, but one of the most memorable moments ever - Eddie vs Brock NWO '04.
  9. Austin/Hart WM 13
    Angle/Lesnar SD Iron Man Match
    HBK/Ramon Summerslam Ladder Match

  10. This doesn't hold up?

    Granted it's not one of the fastest paced matches (which we in our generation are spoiled on) and they don't do crazy spots in it but this is by far one of the most if not the most high quality matches I have ever seen. These two work almost sickeningly well together and the story being told here is just great.

    This match definitely holds up.
  11. Owen Hart VS Bret Hart (wrestlemaina 10)
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  12. the hiac match between taker and foley and majority of the matches from wm17
  13. I'll buy it!


    WM 9: Taker vs Giant Gonzeles.- One vs One

    Giant Gonzeles gets DQ'd for use of chlorofoam.

    WM 15: Undertaker vs Big Boss Man- HIAC.

    Reason why: At the end of the match, Edge, Gangrel, and Christian hang Big Boss Man to the top of the cage.
  14. Just watched. Just now this would warrant a midcard PPV match. It's got a tonne of breaks and there is hardly any moves towards the end, just constant role ups. As I've said about a million times in the Shawn Michaels thread, I take absolutely nothing away from the competitors involved and I appreciate that at the time it would have been innovative. However, if you're ignoring the time differences and just look at the matches from a neutral standpoint, a < 15 minute long match filled with role up pins is absolutely nowhere near the quality of Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at WM25 for example.
  15. V. Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels: Ladder Match for the WHC. If I was actually doing my five favorite WWE matches, I'm not convinced this would've made the list. However, when you do a "best of" DVD, it's best to show the best of every aspect of WWE. Add some variety to the mixture, so I decided a ladder match needed to be on here and this is my favorite ladder match (it's also my favorite Jericho match, 2x the pointless trivia you don't care about!). While I do like the spotfests that about 95% of ladder matches turn out to be, my favorites are always the one with more depth than that, the ones that tell a story first. My second favorite ladder match is Jericho/Benoit. And hey, at the end of the day, this match still had some pretty sweet spots.

    IV. Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle: Ironman match for the WWE Championship. Obviously, this is my favorite Ironman match and I think it not only has the best story to tell out of all the Ironman matches, but I think it's one of the best in all of a wrestling. You don't need any context going into it but you can still get immersed in the story of the match. One of the best things about the match, is its time management and ability to build to the action. The first thirty minutes is basically just set-up. Extremely entertaining set-up mind you. It doesn't even really feel like that but it is. The second half is simply some of the best wrestling out there period. It's glorious, and part of that is because the first thirty minutes. There was no wasted time in this match, every minute felt vital to the story they were telling, and considering their were sixty minutes that's pretty impressive.

    III. Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker: Hell In A Cell. There have been a lot of great Hell In A Cell matches, among them being such gems as Lesnar/Taker and Trips/Cactus however the original in my opinion is still the best of them all and it's not even a competition. The story they told was great; the high-spot while not on the level of some other HIAC matches, like that massively overrated one, is still a great spot; and it features my favorite debut in wrestling history.

    II. Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle: WrestleMania 21. Remember how I said variety was important? Yeah, that line really didn't apply to the wrestlers themselves apparently. Look I can't avoid it, I just love this match way too much to ignore placing it on. Same for most of the matches on this list. But this one is my third favorite match of all-time, I can't justify not placing it higher.

    I. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle: Royal Rumble 2003 for the WWE Championship. 2003 was quite the year. It some strong positives, like two of my favorite anime of all-time got their start in 2003, Wolf's Rain & Fullmetal Alchemist. It had it's negatives, like it unleashed Finding Nemo on us. And it was even weird, as it saw the transition of the Terminator into the Governator. Luckily, this match falls under the first category. FMA is the series that is primarily responsible for me branching out in the anime I watch, Wolf's Rain is my second favorite anime, and this Benoit/Angle match is my favorite wrestling match ever. Nothing even comes close. None of those matches I just listed off and praised comes close to this for me. I don't want to overhype this match for any that haven't seen it, but I can't describe this match any other way. It's just perfect.
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