I'm pleasantly surprised.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. At how well Booker T is being booked as GM. I cringed when I read the spoilers that he got the role, as he's so face-heavy on commentary, but he's more or less neutral as GM now which is what we want. Plus, he's pretty good on the mic too. Not a fan of Eve and Teddy being his assistant and chief advisor, that's just an excuse to put them on telly. Newsflash: Fans don't care about Teddy.

    Anyway, anyone else surprised? Or do you disagree and think he's horrible?
  2. I think you're been horrible to a one Mr Teddy Long. I love him, and his tag-matches! playa! Holla Holla!
  3. Yeah, I'm still sad that we don't get him on commentary anymore but I like the way he's been acting recently as GM, true.
  4. Almost thought you were serious for a sec then :notsure:

    Gonna' miss his epic "OH HAYUL NO :booker:"
  5. Well yeah he's good. Also it helps when Raw has a complete shitty general manager. Booker can do the simplest things that AJ doesn't do and he'll see much better. Plus we had to deal with Teddy too, Booker is the best one we had since Vickie when it comes to Smackdown, as a face general manager, I'm unsure of anybody who's better.
  6. Teddy and Eve are obviously there to play the angel and devil on Booker's shoulders. Allowing him to remain a neutral character.
  7. Nice, hadn't thought of that yet. I was wondering what Long and Eve were going to do, and I imagined they were just there to be on TV, but that seems nice.
  8. Nice analogy Stop!
  9. Didn't think of that either, well played Stop! Though it's shit booking as it'll inevitably interfere with something, I'd rather just straight up BOOKA.
  10. He's pretty good as GM. He's very in your face to the wrestlers :gusta: controlling and demanding :gusta: o3o
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