Kayfabe I'm Rich

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  1. *A video package begins. Buster Gates appears on the screen.*
    Buster Gates: Hello, my name is Buster Gates and this...
    *The camera pans out to show him standing in front of a giant mansion.*
    Buster Gates: Is all mine.
    *He enters the house and picks up a champagne glass as he walks along a corridor.*
    Buster Gates: I’ve had a wonderfully great life. I’m rich. I’m handsome.
    *Buster passes some girls in bikinis. He slaps one of them on their ass, making her jump and giggle.*
    Buster Gates: I’ve been able to spend money my entire life without consequence... Oh, did I mention I was rich?
    *The video cuts to Buster in a swimming pool on a lounger, champagne still in hand with girls all around him.*
    Buster Gates: My grandfather once told me, “If you want to leave a legacy, you’ve got to work hard and make sure you’re remembered.” And he did that. He invented scented liquid soap and made millions. The thing about my grandfather though... He never spent any of it, so when he died, all of that money was passed down to my mother and me. And trust me, I know how to spend.
    *Buster clinks his glass and drinks. The video cuts to him sitting at a dining table filled with food.*
    Buster Gates: So, since I’ve got all this money I can spend it on whatever I want. Kings and Queens are remembered in the history books. Well, I’m the King of money.
    *He begins to tuck into his food. The camera cuts again to him sitting at a desk with a giant portrait of himself behind him on the wall.*
    Buster Gates: I want to make it clear that I’ve joined Precision simply because I’m bored. I don’t need the money and I don’t need the fame... I just need something to do. I feel like it won’t take me too long to become a champion in this place, and once I do... That’s just another history book I’ll be a part of.
    *It cuts to Buster standing at the front of his house with a couple of luxury cars around him.*
    Buster Gates: So, join me on my journey of creating a legacy. I’m The Money Man, Buster Gates. Be ready for my presence.
    *Buster smiles and winks at the camera. It fades to black.*
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