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This will be my second show. I saw NXT Portland in early 2016. Main event was the bust ass Joe v Balor match that led to their cage match. Also saw Nak at that show and a killer tag title defense by American Alpha against The Revival.

This is NXT Seattle on Friday. Hoping to see Heavy Machinery. Tucker's a local dude. I'll share thoughts at some point after the show, whenever I get around to coming on here and being salty and whatnot.

OH.... I'll try to enjoy Roderick Strong. Beer should help.


The Artiste
Prince Balor, I do enjoy discussing wrestling with you. You're a good dude, and yes that fuckin' show was EXCELLENT!!!!

I had been perusing the live show results, and was worried we might get some jobbers or something. No, we got the creme de la creme of NXT. I saw everyone I could have hoped for. Ohno and Hideo weren't there, but basically EVERYONE else was.

I've never seen wrestling in such a classy venue. If you look up pictures of The Paramount in Seattle, WA you'll see what I mean. The ring was up on the stage and we were out in the audience. It did not hinder our energy or their performances in any way. They and we made it work.

Opener was No Way Jose vs Kona Reeves. Kona's been working heel lately, but he's actually got a gimmick simmering now. He had a cocky sports coat and sunglasses.

Our love of No Way Jose was so pure, it was NOT hard for Kona to get heat during the match. He barely backed off and slipped through the ropes to THUNDEROUS BOOS! Seattle would not except such disrespect of noble hero, No Way Jose.

As the night went on, the "2 SWEEEEET" deals were happening with every single two count. I've been seeing wrestling shows for 20 years next year, and this was one of the hottest crowds I've ever seen per capita. Hell, I was in DC when Nash pinned Goldberg and the nWo Wolfpac love was at it's hype. Everyone was nWo in DC and the wolf calls were going on in the Metro long after the show. This show definitely rivals that. The crowd was SO engaged the entire time, I can't stress that enough.

Anyway, I'll dish the dirt on other wrestlers that were there and hit POST.

Drew vs Cien Almas - crowd went crazy when Cien came out... crowd went DOUBLE APE SHIT for Drew. Drew is the fuckin' real deal. A couple 3MB chants broke out, and Drew did air guitar for us.

My wife and I started "BOOTS" chants every time he put the boots to Cien. Both guys are super impressive and had good chemistry.

I apologize, I had to ask my wife who exactly Aleister Black wrestled. I honestly can't remember, because all I remember is a total haze of MARKING THE FUCK OUT for Aleister Black. It could've been anyone out there, all I know is that Black Mass was gonna destroy a fool.

OK so I texted her and she can't remember who he wrestled either. I know it's someone I really like too. I'll ask our friends that went with us and get back to you on that.

I would like to share one special story about Aleister that you will not read anywhere in any results I imagine. It's just a thing that we saw. One of the phenomenally professional ushers at The Paramount approached my wife and I in the merch line. He asked if we would mind a young boy in a wheelchair getting in front of us in line. Of course we did not mind. He was the biggest NXT fan there that night, and his mom bought him an NXT title belt in that line!! Well after Aleister Black destroyed that person that I can't recall, he walked right over to this boy and gave him the biggest hug. Sorry to burst your bubble, Aleister's not The Dark Lord of Evil lol.

There was an intermission after that match..

We came back to Vic Joseph (amazing NXT MC, fun dude) introducing Asuka. Asuka came out to a huge pop, cut a big promo on no one being ready for Asuka. Team Iconic came out and talked that trash, got beat down. Great segment.

At some point during the evening, can't recall when exactly, Lars Sullivan destroyed a Seattle Seahawk.

Lars Sullivan vs Demetrius Bronson. We love our Seahawks here, and the "SEA" "HAWKS!" call and response chants were very loud. But when it came down to it, our loyalty to our city did not compare to our bloodlust. After Lars won, he came back and hit his finish a second time to a huge ovation. We chanted ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME!

Lars obliged us. He hit that big ass slam one more time on our local hero, and WE LOVED IT!

We then got a tag title match. AOP vs Heavy Machinery. It was really great. Ellering wasn't in attendance, and AOP retained w/ the Side Russian Clothesline gimmick finish.

After this we were given the purest wrestling match of the evening. Ruby Riot vs Ember Moon. Babyface vs Babyface. Warrior vs Warrior. They were OVER boy, I tell you what. I don't know what to say about it, except the crowd was 50/50 for them as you'd hope. Their footwork is beyond impressive. Footwork is everything, and my god they can work circles around people. By the end of the match, there were two "FIGHT FOREVER" chants if that tells you anything. Admittedly, that chant is getting watered down by some overeager crowds. This was not that. These women deserved that.

The main event was Roderick Strong vs Bobby ROOOOOO for the NXT Championship. It was killer! We did not want to boo Bobby Roode. At all. He worked his ass off to get heat with us, but we weren't having it. Everyone loves Bobby Roode. He got heat on Vic Joseph by knocking him out of his chair and trying to swing it at Roderick. We cheered. He did all kinds of shit and still couldn't get booed. He even cut a huge promo on us at the end and left with the words "SCREW YOU, SEATTLE!" and we cheered.

Bobby, we know you don't mean those things. You're our Glorious Champion, and we honor you.

As far as Roderick goes, well.... this doesn't persuade me to change my thoughts on him. I hate to bury the dude like this; but if he were a stronger babyface we wouldn't have been so eager to cheer his demise. I'm just saying, he seems to have a real ceiling as far as his upward potential.

Amazing show?
Spectacular show?

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