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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by PoPo, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Over the past couple of days, I really haven't been the greatest guy on this forum. I've been annoying and somewhat I suppose "attention whorish" to some. Well I just want to say I am indeed sorry. I'm sorry about the whole Adam thing. I sort of realized after a while that what I was doing with Adam was just kind of mean. I will say though lying on the internet saying your a 22 year old wrestler/doctor while just being only a 14 year old is a tad bit ridiculous. However, like Crayo said, people lie over the internet all the time, while not being as creative as Adam's lie, people still lie nonetheless. Basically I shouldn't have blown the whole Adam lie way out of proportion as I did on the site and to that I am sorry. Also I want to say I am sorry if I have annoyed or bothered anyone else on this site as well.

    Another reason why I wanted to make this thread was because I kind want a fresh start. Looking over the site, there are some really cool people on here that have the same interest in wrestling as I do. Also I feel like I can try and make an effort to contribute to this site in a positive light instead of me just messing around with Adam or other people on the site for that matter.

    Hopefully you guys can accept my honest apology as I feel I could have been a much better member and person on the site. I am sure to take this site a lot more serious than I did before. I mean I'm not the type of guy who will go stone cold serious but I will try to have fun and hopefully make some new friends on here.

    So what do you say? Do you accept my apology, WWEF?
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  2. Its okay PooPoo I didn't even notice. :smug:
  3. Change your retarded sig and I'll forgive you. Just drop the drama and discuss some rasslin and nobody will care about any of the nonsense.
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  4. PoPo means shit in spanish Lmao
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  5. Completely accepted. Takes a big man to publicly apologise. Much appreciated.
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  6. Oh come on! We all know he sent you nudes!
  7. Well, duh. Don't you owe me an apology? :ksi: #Jonathan
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  8. Apology accepted. Thanks for posting it. x
  9. :hmm:

    *begins sending nudes...*

    NO! I don't!! :mad2:

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    Sends them anyways... to death. :woo1:
  10. It's completely fine PoPo! Props that you actually apologized, WWEF have some good peeps.
  11. It's ok. Don't worry. If you don't post in some time it's ok. The thing is that you came back!
  12. A forum apology is definitely rare. Most (ex)trolls either keep on posting like the LQ jerkwads they are, apologize but revert back or just disappear from the forum completely. To be honest, I barely noticed but I haven't been too active these days, but thanks for the apology, man.

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  13. It all comes down to this, forget all the shit that happened on MP or any other site no one here cares about, and start new. This is WWEF, not MP ver. 2. Treat this as its own place and leave your past arguments and drama behind. Aids & gohan provide enough drama for everyone around here as it is.
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  14. Well you apologised so I guess its okay, And I didnt lie saying I was a wrestler, I said I go to wrestling school which I do and im 15 not 14. Can you change that skype pic though please?
  15. It's fine, but next time you better gimme a cupcake.
  16. Get out of this forum MP faggot!!!!
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  17. ^That comment was the reaction I thought people would give to PoPo but it seems people here are nicer than I thought.
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  18. Apology accepted. Takes a man to apologize.
  19. We're mostly all adults on here.
  20. Not really lol.
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